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The legal requirement to setup your private security firm in India

Author: Vicky Kumar
by Vicky Kumar
Posted: Jan 28, 2021
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If you’ve got what it takes to protect someone’s life or property, then you’ve got what it takes to start your own private security firm in India.

The topic of private security firms is one that hasn’t been discussed much before. It’s only in 2018, when Home Minister Amit Shah launched the renewed PSARA act that everyone from Delhi to Chennai, started seeing private security as a viable business option.

As per the act, the legal requirement to setup your private security firm in India is the PSARA license. The PSARA License full form is Private Security Agency Regulation Act license. No business can start a security firm if they don’t have this particular authorization.

In this article, we are going dive into how to fulfil this legal requirement to setup your private security firm in India.

Fulfilling the eligibility requirement of getting PSARA certificate

The government measures you according to the set eligibility criteria. If you measure up to it, only then, you get the change to apply for the PSARA certificate.

  1. Indian resident: To prevent any infiltration of foreign elements, the government has obviously made it mandatory that only Indian residents get to apply for the license.
  2. Financial stability: From the infrastructure to the upkeep to the PSARA license cost, you should be able to afford all. If you’re financially stable, you can go ahead with the registration process.
  3. Clean Record: Your past should be free from any criminal cases. If it’s not, you can either try to expunge the records, which is not possible. Or, you should give up on the idea of starting a security firm. Bottom line, no clean record, no license.
  4. Business entity: You can apply for PSARA license online as a Sole proprietorship, Partnership firm, Limited Liability partnership, a private limited company or a public limited company.
Taking on the PSARA license registration process

PSARA license registration process entails five steps. They are:

  1. Training of the officials: During this steps, the head officials of the private security agency are trained. The body that provides it is accredited by PSARA. Once the training is complete, the officials will get a training completion certificate.
  2. Organizing the required documents: The training completion certificate will then be attached with the rest of the documents required for the PSARA license.
  3. Online application filing: After document accumulation, there is application filing. PSARA license online application is available. All you’d need to do is login, register, file the application, attach the documents, and finalize the submission by paying the PSARA license fees.
  4. Application assessment: Once the application reaches the PSARA body, it will be checked thoroughly. The body will answer any mistake it encounters with a notification to your email. If you have PSARA license consultants to help you out, the mistakes will be sorted in no time.
  5. License grant: Once the application gets the approval of PSARA, you get the PSARA license.
Documents required for PSARA License

To successfully complete the licensing process and get the authorization on time, you need to have the knowledge of the required documents:

  1. Certification of incorporation of your business entity
  2. A signed information sheet of the business entity that explains the type of business you do
  3. Identity proof of the security guards.
  4. Identity proof of the directors and shareholders of the security agency.
  5. Logo of the agency
  6. PSARA affidavit stating that you’ve completed the training required
  7. PAN card
  8. Photographs of all the directors and shareholders
  9. Income tax returns of all the directors
  10. Character certificate of the employees.

Note: the process of PSARA license is not completely online. You are required to submit the hard copy of your application in your regional PSARA agency. For example, if you want to setup security firm in Delhi, then you’ll apply to PSARA license Delhi body to get the license.


By first becoming eligible to apply for the application. Then, by filing and following each step of registration process. And finally, by understanding the documents requirements, you’ll obtain the PSARA license. If the tasks seem too mountainous to you, you can ask our consultants to assist you.

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