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Which Boxing Gloves Are Used For Heavyweight Boxing

Author: Elisbah Henstock
by Elisbah Henstock
Posted: Apr 08, 2021

Boxing gloves are one of the most essential boxing equipment of boxing training. They have always been important in boxing as they are necessary for the safety of your hand and also provide padding while you're hitting the target. However, with every passing day, the world has come up with a variety of gloves. There is a certain type of boxing gloves for each kind of boxer. The need for boxing gloves is responsible for the introduction of new varieties of gloves. Whether it is the force of the punch, padding, or speed of the punch, the boxing gloves plays an Important role. Back in the times, people used to have simple boxing gloves that would only serve the purpose of padding or protection, but now, as physics has advanced, boxing equipment is also being made considering the needs and requirements of the new era.

Purpose of boxing gloves

The hands of a boxer serve the main purpose in this sport. One has to focus on their hands as they are used for punching the target. Whether you are playing on a professional level, hitting a punching bag, or playing in defense, you must protect your hands first.

Types of boxing gloves

There are different types of gloves according to their use.

  • Bag gloves
  • Training gloves
  • Sparring gloves
  • Competition gloves
  • Bag gloves

    These are exclusively made for speed bags, heavy bags, or pad training. They have comparatively less padding around the knuckles area than other types of gloves. The main purpose of bag gloves is to make the boxers feel their punch. This helps to know the extent of the impact the punch leaves on the bag. Heavyweight boxing gloves are for your own assessment so that you can improve accordingly.


    Boxing gloves protect your hands, especially when you are into heavyweight boxing. In this case, a boxer is more likely to receive a deadly blow on their hand. They might end up fracturing a bone or get a laceration due to friction. With such an injury, a boxer would not be able to practice for a few days, which is, of course, not acceptable or pleasant.

    Shock absorber

    Boxing gloves for heavyweight boxing are specially designed to absorb the shock. They are equipped with extra padding that helps to protect the hand against the target. As a boxer throws the punch, the force is transmitted to the target, but their own hand is safe.

    Speed of the punch

    The boxing gloves for men made exclusively for heavyweight boxing come in different designs and materials. The weight of the gloves greatly affects the speed of the punch. The heavier the glove, the lower will be the speed of the punch.

    Such gloves are filled with foam and feather so that maximum air can fill them in and act as a cushion. Therefore, they are light in weight. The main focus is to increase the power of the punch.

    Size if the gloves for heavyweight boxing

    Fighting gloves are classified into two size categories:

    Fighters are welterweight (147lb.) typically wear 8-ounce gloves.

    Fighters in divisions super welterweight (154lb.) typically wear 10-ounce gloves

    One must keep the size of the gloves in mind before purchasing a certain pair. The right size and perfect fit are very important to throw a good punch. If the glove doesn't fit you properly, it may keep you uncomfortable and affect your game. Also, different manufacturing brands have their own size charts, so make sure you go through it once.


    It is necessary to protect yourself first, and for that, you must be equipped with good quality boxing equipment.

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