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Is better to save your tooth or pull it out?

Author: Reza Nikfar
by Reza Nikfar
Posted: Jan 31, 2021

If you have a damaged or an infected tooth, it is normal to think that the easiest option is simply pulling it out and turning to dental restorations. Wait! Having the tooth pulled out is not always the best choice. There are tons of benefits to maintaining your natural teeth intact. In this article, we shall talk about extracting your tooth vs. saving it.

The benefits of saving your teeth:

What exactly are the perks of saving your natural teeth? We turned to expert dentist Epping who focus on saving natural teeth for answers.

Natural teeth are stronger:

Natural teeth are strong and can function better than any artificial restorations. They are also easier to care for. While dental technologies and restoration materials are better than ever, nothing can match our natural teeth's strength.

Maintain your youthful appearance:

When your natural teeth are pulled out, the roots that support the jaw are also pulled out. When there is a gap in the jawbone, the surrounding bone will deteriorate, making people look older than they are.

Avoid shifting of teeth:

When a tooth is extracted, it leaves a gap in your smile. Yes, you can get it replaced with restorations, but if you ignore, the surrounding teeth will start to shift. Teeth shifting takes time and will happen without you even noticing it. This can eventually cause problems with your bite alignment and chewing. These can create a domino effect of pain, poor nutrition and poor quality of life.

Lack of Self-confidence:

If the tooth pulled out is visible when you smile, the resulting gap can have a negative impact on your confidence. Time and again, we are seeing people who have lost their beautiful smiles as they are embarrassed about the gap in their smile.

This is why even in an emergency people are asked to bring their broken teeth to the emergency dentist Epping because in some cases your dentist can put back the broken tooth in the socket.

How to save a tooth?

Well, as discussed above, there are a lot of compelling reasons to hang onto your natural teeth for as long as possible. However, tooth infection and decay can make this a challenge and force you to decide between pulling out your teeth or saving it. The root canal is a standard procedure practised worldwide where the inside of the tooth is cleaned and disinfected to remove the infected or inflamed interior part. Once the tooth's interior is cleaned, the natural tooth is filled with a substance for added strength and protected with a restorative crown. This procedure not only saves your natural teeth but also eliminates pain.

In most cases, dentists at dental clinic Epping will look for options to save your natural teeth. Only in unavoidable situations, he will recommend teeth extraction.

The author of this article is a renowned dentist Epping. Along with a team of dental professionals, he provides high-quality dental care. Visit for more details.

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At Serenity Smiles Dental, we value the important role that your teeth play in your life. As such, our Epping dentists are committed to offering the highest level of dentistry.

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