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Artificial Grass Society’s Take On Staying Close To Nature

Author: Oakview Artificial Grass
by Oakview Artificial Grass
Posted: Feb 09, 2021
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With the advancement of technology, the entire world is spinning around machines and computers. People forgot to take some time out and stay in the lap of Mother Nature. Everything came to become a part of a never-ending rat race where all the people are indulged in making money and a healthy lifestyle while they forget about the simple joys of life. Trees are being chopped down mercilessly, and parks after parks are being turned into parking spots or even buildings or shopping malls. And it has been very difficult to find a grassland or natural grass anywhere; thus, people did narrow it down to having synthetic grass instead of real grass.

  • Steps of Installing Artificial Grass

Even though installing artificial grass might seem difficult, there are many artificial grass companies that help in the installation of grass and help get all the things set up. In the following even you can install artificial grass by yourself: -

  1. Removing pre-existing grass or weeds: Use your gardening tools like shovels and cutters to get rid of the pre-existing grass and weed that are already there. If you are setting it up on your balcony, then you might skip this step.
  2. Excavating at least two inches or more: To allow proper drainage and water passage, it is really important to have a proper drainage system to have a sanitary situation in the lawn. The water should be allowed to flow properly, and the water should not be stagnated to avoid water-borne insects and other insects.
  3. Installing fences or boards to border the installation's perimeter- These things are important as the fences do act as a protector, and the entire thing encloses the grass, and the grass stays protected from animals like cats, dogs, and children, and the grass remains safe.
  4. Arranging an irrigation head: Arranging an irritational head and reconfiguring them to spray the lawn helps keep everything clean. Synthetic grass tends to get dirty most of the time; therefore, cleaning it up with sprays now and then is really good for the grass to keep it clean and fresh. Sometimes, if you have a pet, then it is really important to spray and wash the lawn once a day to keep the environment sanitary. Thus, keeping a proper irrigation system is essential.
  5. Add gravel- After making sure all the weeds are ripped off and the irrigation is proper, you need to add gravel and add composite and other organic fertilizers so that there are a well and clean soil for the synthetic grass to thrive upon.
  6. Letting the gravel set: After the entire gravel is compactly set up, it is important to let it sit and wet it so that it can act as a good base for the artificial grass. Also, when stiff, the mud holds onto the grass really well, for which it is really important to get it wet and let it sit.
  7. Finally, installing the artificial grass- Firstly, they need to set up the weed mat and get the base ready for the synthetic turf, and after that being done, the synthetic turf has to be set, and the final cuts should be made to make it look prim and proper.
  • Conclusion

With the emergence of the need for artificial grass, artificial grass companies also started popping up. The companies provide you with all the information regarding the artificial grass and help you keep it proper. And also, the maintenance cost is really low when compared to natural grass. Thus, it is more considerable in public places.


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