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Evaluating the Features and Advantages of an S-Type and Beam Load Cells

Author: Senso Matic
by Senso Matic
Posted: Feb 09, 2021
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Load cells have become a mainstream addition to today's large scale industrial establishments. With nifty innovations and quality production, lately, the demand for this particular device has skyrocketed. Consequently, the process of choosing one particular variant of this apparatus has become increasingly tough. But considering how important this device is to the functioning of an industry, one must ensure that only the best fit has been chosen for the job.

For anyone well acquainted with industries and their workings, the cruciality of a load cell is of no big surprise whatsoever. A load cell is nothing but a transducer which is useful for measuring bulky weights. Since precision is one of the most vital aspects of running an industrial establishment, the load cells are calibrated for achieving the same. With that said, choosing one among the fine load cell suppliers, whose products are reliable and cost-effective, proves to be a demanding task.

Their strive for perfection is what led to the conception of different variants of the product in the first place. Different types of load cells have different mechanisms for working. For instance, if one type takes compressive force as input, the other might react to a tensive force or even torque force. Irrespective of the number of variants available, compression type load cells enjoy a larger market demand. To make things tougher for a buyer, compression load cells have numerous subcategories as well. The following two compression type load cells are the most sought-after ones.

Beam load cells

As mentioned earlier, the mechanics of these load cells are based upon the principles of compression. The load applied to these transducers compresses the central spring-type element. In doing so, the strain gauges rearrange themselves. This is followed by the relay of electric signals which is then decoded and the precise measurement of the load is displayed.

  • The load is required to be put centrally. Any deviation may result in the display of inaccurate measurements. Other times it results in the breakage of the device itself.
  • Beam load cells are chief working elements of various apparatuses like silo scales, weighing frames, vehicle scales, container scales, etc.
  • The distinguishing feature of the double-ended variant of this compression type load cell is that at houses, not one but, two spring body system.
  • The device may be calibrated to display the weight in grams, kilograms, or tons.

S-type load cells

Lauded for their versatility, the S-type load cells have found use in numerous fields of application. What sets this variant apart from the others is its ability to not only take compressive forces as input but tensive forces as well.

  • When a load is applied, both ends of the transducer move. Whereas in the cases of other load cells, only a single end moves and the other remains fixed.
  • Hybrid scales, crane scales, hanging container scales, etc. are just a few of the numerous places where this particular load cell finds its use.
  • Contrary to the shear beam load cells, these transducers are single spring body systems.

Appropriately understanding the importance of the task, and then making the correct choice is crucial. Therefore, efforts must be made to thoroughly ensure that the load cell to be used, comes from one of the reliable load cell manufacturers. Make the correct choices to reap the utmost benefits of your buy!

About the Company:

Sensomatic manufacture a wide range of high precision load cells for various Industrial application in India. Our range includes S-type load cell, Shear beam load cell, Double ended load cell, Compression load cell, Stainless steel load cell, Weighbridge load cell and many more.

About the Author

Sensomatic manufacture a wide range of high precision load cells for various Industrial application in India.

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