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Medica Stem Cell Therapy Can Heal Shoulder Osteoarthritis Naturally – See How!

Author: George Campbell
by George Campbell
Posted: Feb 11, 2021

Do not let this wear and tear arthritis tear your shoulder permanently! It is time to opt for effective treatment at an initial stage itself. That doesn’t mean that whoever has shoulder osteoarthritis should opt for surgery only. Our Medica Stem Cells regenerative therapy in Ireland can successfully be your right and best alternative to treat the shoulder arthritis condition. Are you curious to know how? Let us go through the mechanism of this condition to understand the significance of our Medica stem cell therapy.

What is shoulder osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis affecting your shoulder is otherwise called wear and tear arthritis or degenerative joint disease. It is the common form of arthritis that arises due to the wear and tear in association with ageing. Moreover, the shoulder joint is prone to get frequently damaged due to its enormous complexity and diverse mobility. Still, there is no proper support for this shoulder joint. Henceforth, everyone should take good care of their shoulders to stabilize its joint.

The synovial joint part of the shoulder is composed of the ball (humerus) and the socket (glenoid cavity). The hyaline articular cartilage covers the shoulder joint region by providing cushion-like support as well as flexibility. Even the bones will not rub against each other due to the presence of articular cartilage. In case if the articular cartilage wears away due to ageing or strenuous activities, there will be friction between the glenoid and humerus. They may produce osteophytes or bone spurs, to compensate for the cartilaginous damage. Hence, there will be restrictions in the range of motion. Moreover, the inflammation of the synovial layer around the joint can worsen the pain, which may increase with constant work. This increase in pain migrates to the back portion of the shoulder. Even the weather condition will affect the intensity of shoulder pain. That’s how treatment becomes mandatory. However, the physician may recommend shoulder joint replacement surgery since this ailment is degenerative.

This is where you should understand that there are several non-invasive alternatives to treat your shoulder with osteoarthritis.

Conventional Treatment

The initial nonsurgical treatment modalities for shoulder osteoarthritis involves R.I.C.E. formula (Rest, Ice therapy, Compression, and Elevation), activity modification, physical therapy, administration of NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), and corticosteroid injections. However, long term administration of NSAIDs as well as corticosteroid injections, may cause adverse systemic side effects. Furthermore, corticosteroids destroy the surrounding normal tissues of the affected region and weaken them.

The last resort will be the surgical method which involves the elimination of damaged cartilage. Still, there will be many complications like pain, bleeding, infection, nerve damage, etc. Furthermore, there will be risks associated with the use of general anaesthesia. Above all, the patients should undergo an extensive rehabilitation program for a minimum of six months after the surgery.

Regenerative cell therapy

Our body normally has regenerative cells, which undergo a deficit as we age. Therefore, as we grow older, our bodies will lose their regenerative power.

Here comes our minimally invasive regenerative cell treatment to repair the damaged cartilage non-surgically and regenerate the newer cells for enhanced functioning. Regenerative therapies include prolotherapy, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, and cellular treatment. While comparing with surgery, regenerative treatment is risk-free. The healing cells are extracted only from the patient’s body. So, there will be no risks like rejection and allergy. The patients will come across significant improvement within two weeks after undergoing the regenerative treatment. Hence, regenerative therapy is considered to be the best alternative to shoulder joint surgery when it comes to degenerative disease.

To understand the mechanism in detail, you can refer to the website At Medica Stem Cells, we provide nutritional therapy and physical therapy as standalone services. Else, they may be offered in combination with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, mesenchymal cell therapy, and prolotherapy to treat osteoarthritis in your shoulder. Talk to our medical team from Medica stem cell therapy in Ireland by calling 01 298 8000 to know how to avail of these therapies at an affordable price.

For more information about the Shoulder Osteoarthritis, you can visit the Shoulder Osteoarthritis page on our website. You can also contact Medica Stem Cells clinic in Ireland to learn more about the types of stem cell therapies and prolotherapy available to treat Shoulder Osteoarthritis.

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