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Alcohol Sales: Wholesalers Company Outlets and eCommerce Sites

Author: Uday Patel
by Uday Patel
Posted: Feb 09, 2021
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The advent of Internet has changed our buying patterns. The online alcohol portals now flood the cyber space all over the World. The facilities and flexibility for online purchase is far more than that at brick and mortar shop.

Alcohol is available at company outlets online where a range of products being distilled and bottled are sold. Most of the distilleries have their websites on the Internet either for brand propaganda or as sales outlet. Even though the quantum of sales would be minuscule the publicity achieved is phenomenal.

There many wholesaler platforms online which sell a vast range of popular alcohol along with beverages and spirits closely related to the World of spirits. These are on similar lines as the licensed liquor shops available in some countries. The license is procured from the Government after paying contract fee. This allows the shops to sell vast range of local products and some overseas brands allowed to be sold in the country. The contract is usually a rotating one for a period of one year.

Major eCommerce sites also sell liquor subject to regulations set by each country. Although these sites may be have an International foothold they are subjected local regulations and restriction. The products cannot be sold or delivered without obliging the local laws.

Alcohol all over the world is sold with caution with varying degree of restriction. The Bacchus is a major source of revenues for Government but its health implication can create a sort of health emergency.

The brand loyal customers prefer to buy from distillery site on the Internet. Since most of these facilitate online sales. They have a secure payment mechanism online which enables instant transactions. This applicable to eCommerce sites as well provided the liquor brand is in stock.

Craft distilleries which produce liquor in small quantities as compared to global brands are happy with online sales. Whether the sales is through their distillery website or through wholesalers online or eCommerce sites the alcohol producers are happy. They get tremendous reach from online portals which may not be possible off line due to financial constraints. They can create demand for their online sales provided the supply is consistent. This factor has given rise to tremendous digital marketing campaigns initiated by the craft distilleries. These campaigns create a continuous streamline of contents that are effective in creating brand awareness and recognition.

Online liquor sales does not work everywhere especially in countries where prohibition is applicable due to religious sanctions or as a matter of policy. Even in countries where liquor sales are open online availability may not be possible to absence of such mechanism.

Some Nation/States have legalized online sales of alcohol due to the pandemic stress. This has been initiated in order to prevent crowd formation at the retail outlets. Nevertheless online liquor sale is a better marketing option. The tipplers are facilitated and the Governments get increased revenue and the pandemics are contained.

You can easily buy alcohol online on many portals. Make sure they trustworthy online portals before the purchase. Some outlets though rare may not be genuine and cheat you. Delivery can also be a problem and customers do not like delayed shipment of their favorite liquor brand.

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