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Common Causes of Swimming Pool Accidents

Author: Mandell Trial Personal Injury Attorney
by Mandell Trial Personal Injury Attorney
Posted: Feb 13, 2021
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Most of us agree with the fact that nothing is better than relaxing by the pool. Swimming pools are a perfect way to relax as well as beat the heat on a hot summer day. However, when safety precautions are not followed properly, even such relaxing places also become sites of serious accidents. In matters of swimming pools, people generally just think about enjoyment and relaxation. They don’t think that how the combination of water with concrete can become a recipe for disaster. This carelessness and lack of supervision results in swimming pool accidents. For claiming compensation for a swimming pool accident, a personal injury lawyer can help you. You can consult a Woodland Hills personal injury lawyer, to get the best compensation for your loss.

Drowning is one of the leading causes of death, for children between the age group of one to 14. Even many unsuspecting people lose their lives due because of swimming pool accidents. Such accidents are tragic events where no third party shares the responsibility or legal liability related to the incident. Many times due to the negligence and lack of safety by the property owners and party organizers/managers results in the accident or even wrongful death of another. Some common causes of swimming pool accidents are as such:-

Lack of proper pool safety features:-

Drownings incidents at swimming pools can occur due to a lack of proper pool safety features. Especially when children are involved, the lack of safety precautions and supervision is one of the most common reasons behind swimming pool accidents. It is the responsibility of the facility to ensure the safety of the pool users with proper fencing, depth marks, visible and clear warning signs, adequate lighting in and around the pool, keeping the required safety gears available, and by maintain the pool along with the safety equipment. Sometimes negligence by the lifeguard also becomes the reason behind the swimming pool accident. The unavailability of an untrained lifeguard, increase the chances of the accident.

Improper decks:-

The areas around the pools can be very dangerous. It is the responsibility of the owner to minimize the potential for falls and slips around it as the concrete deck can have a slippery surface, which increases the chances of accidents.

Lack of supervision:-

The lack of supervision is another common cause of swimming pool accidents. Young adults and children love to run and play around as well as in the pool areas, which increases the chances of slips and falls. It is the responsibility of the parents to have proper supervision while children were enjoying themselves near the pool. Sometimes, a lack of supervision results to pool accidents that can lead to traumatic injuries and even death.

Damage and safety equipment:-

Most of the time, property owners do not feel it necessary to have sufficient safety equipment and pool barriers, for protecting the guests. Safety equipment such as railings and steps can play an important role in preventing slip-and-fall pool accidents and similarly, barriers are the pool can help prevent unauthorized access to the pools.

It is the duty of the owners of pools to protect swimmers from injuries. If you or your loved one has been injured in a swimming pool, you can consult injury attorneys to file the case and getting you the compensation you deserve for the suffering. You can also consult any Woodland Hills, personal injury attorney, to fight on your behalf and guide you the best.

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