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A Vet Near Me: How To Ensure A Happy Holiday Season For Your Pet

Author: Vets on Call
by Vets on Call
Posted: Feb 19, 2021
holiday season

The holiday season is typically full of joy and festive fun. While making preparations for family visits and feasting, one must not ignore the needs of one’s pets. This is because they need extra care to remain healthy and happy during all the festivities of the season.

Holidays may be enjoyable for you, but maybe stressful times for pets if one does not pay adequate attention. In case you reside in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne and do not wish to spend one’s precious holidays searching online for a "vet near me" within short notice, you can follow some simple tips.

Here are some tips to take care of your pet during the holiday season without stressing about visiting a vet clinic:

No over indulging

One may indulge themselves more than usual during the holiday season. However, we need to be certain we don’t allow our pet’s to do the same. It is easy to lose track of all the holiday treats, but they are very harmful and even dangerous for your pets. Such treats include gravy, ham, onions, lollies, marinades, avocado, fruit cake, chocolates and more. It is also possible that some of the guests may feed bits of harmful food to your pets as tasty treats. You must avoid this from happening. Instead, for indulging cats and dogs, make use of unseasoned, well-cooked lean vegetables and meat.

Take care with decorations

It is great fun to put up holiday decorations all over the house, but one should not forget their pets. One may not want one’s pets to swallow anything that causes them to fall sick. For instance, low hanging decorations of Christmas trees such as candy canes or baubles are highly tempting for pets and may prove dangerous. Knowing that pets have curious natures, ensure that all items used for decorations are pet-safe and out of reach of nosey pets.

Show extra love

One can take some preventive steps this holiday season to make things pleasant for both one’s pet and themselves. Pets are full of energy, so it will be a good idea to take them for a walk before guests start arriving. This way, they will be more relaxed and peaceful while interacting with guests.

Also, if your pet feels left out of feasting on treats, make an effort to prepare them a special, healthy and delicious treat. Arranging a quiet corner furnished with a warm bed and favourite toys make for a comfortable retreat for your pet, away from the noise of holiday parties.

Let guests know about house rules

During big gatherings, make sure to keep tabs on what the pets are eating. Make polite requests to guests to not feed any bits of their treats or scraps from the table to your pets. One must be firm that they should seek permission before feeding pets.

Tag or microchip pets

Pets tend to wander away from home if let out inadvertently by a house guest. So, ensure that your pet always carries a collar with an ID card or even a microchip bearing your address. At the same time, ensure that all guests are careful while entering or leaving your home without allowing your pets to escape and stray outside.

In summary, if one follows such tips, one can avoid panic situations that require emergency vet care services.

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