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Changing Lifestyle Trends and Their Impact On The Demand For Organic Kombucha

Author: Deepak Deshmukh
by Deepak Deshmukh
Posted: Feb 22, 2021

Regaining its popularity in the beverage market after over two thousand years, Kombucha has been touted to ‘cast a healthy spell’ on people suffering from high cholesterol levels, high BP, and various other chronic ailments like cancer, AIDS. Promoted as an ‘Elixir of life’, the fermented tea beverage has gained massive momentum across the globe owing to its fizzy taste, unparalleled flavor, and energizing contents.

A paradigm shift towards the adoption of a healthy lifestyle has led to kombucha gaining worldwide precedence. Not only has the widespread consumption of this fermented probiotic beverage enhanced the taste buds of citizens, but has also improved the gut health. According to Statista, the sales of kombucha in the Americas in 2016 accounted for over 51.16 per cent of the global sales. Apparently, kombucha contains over less than 0.5 per cent of alcohol content making it an unregulated beverage in the US.

In case the alcohol level in the kombucha exceeds beyond 0.5% at any time during the manufacturing process, the product would be subjected to the Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau regulations. This may lead to severe enforcement actions in tandem with civil and criminal penalties.

Rising preferences towards organic kombucha consumption

Organic or clean labeled kombucha is gaining more precedence in recent times. Experts attribute this craze to the ongoing trend of ‘eating healthy’. Since the beverage is unheated, it contains live cultures which are anticipated to render a probiotic effect. Probiotics in kombucha are known to cure common stomach ailments and keep the digestive tract on track.

Consumers are blindly laying their trust on the organic kombucha products to treat the persistent cardiovascular disorders. On these grounds, analysts claim that the global kombucha market is liable to witness returns from the organic segment.

The strategic tactics undertaken by leading beverage manufacturers proves the rapid proliferation of the organic kombucha trend. Say for example, Coca-Cola in mid-2018 took over the Organic and Raw Trading Co., to launch its first line of organic kombucha drinks.

Added flavors to promote healthy lifestyle

With an intent of promoting a healthy lifestyle with convenient flavors, several kombucha manufacturers have spiced up the beverage to augment the taste and experience. It has been claimed that companies have developed these drinks with an addition of exotic flavors, to gather major traction globally. Apparently, amongst multiple other flavored kombuchas, the fruit flavored drinks have gained considerable fame.

The unprecedented growth of flavored kombucha drinks is rather evident from Koe’s novel launch of two brand new flavors at NACS show in October 2019. These flavors are likely to appeal to a wider crowd and expand the company’s kombucha product line.

Kombucha brands are conveniently available and can be easily found in the mainstream grocery stores, from Whole Foods Market to any local supermarket. The beverage is readily served at affordable prices worldwide.

APAC – the upcoming regional avenue for kombucha

Attributing to the changing lifestyle trends and high prevalence of chronic ailments, the Asia Pacific region stands tall among several other regions in the regional hierarchy of the kombucha market. The region is chiefly dominated by China, which accounts to highest share of the beverage consumption. This is due to inclination towards ensuring better digestion levels, amongst the populace.

Beverage companies are keenly experimenting with innovations to develop novel flavors and additions for spurring the product demands worldwide. A name that stands prominent in this genre is GT Living Foods.

The company, with nearly 25 years of proficiency, is one of the major leaders in kombucha manufacturing. The company promises to touch people’s lives and treat common ailments to make the world a better place to live. GT Living Foods is popularly recognized for its organic kombucha which has gathered major attention over the years.

Apart from original and flavored kombucha, the company also offers Adaptogenic tea, Wellness water, probiotic shots, and non-diary coconut yogurt.

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