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Tree cutting service - Get 3 free quotes on the job

Author: Erik Tilbud Olsen
by Erik Tilbud Olsen
Posted: Feb 23, 2021
tree cutting

In less than 7 minutes, you can enter the specific task in the contact form and send it to If you would rather avoid throwing yourself into pruning from a lift, clearing trees or pruning fruit trees, then the answer is to find favorable offers. Tree cutting expert Jørgen Gravesen is a consultant in the tree cutting industry and recommends that professionals use thoroughly tested materials as far as possible.

If you decide on one of the offers, you can secure about 1/5 of the normal price in estimated savings on your tree cutting task. Submit your tree cutting job today, we will help you further with two or three cheap tree offers. In a maximum of 7½ minutes, you can fill in the assignment in the tree cutting form and send it to

Tree cutting service - Get 3 free quotes on the job

If you accept one of the 3 cutting quotes, it often triggers about 1/4 of the normal price in a bundle good reduction on your tree cutting task. We deliver 3 very good tree cutting quotes on e.g. wood chipping, waste removal, shrubbery or assessment of diseased trees. Excellent tree cutting companies perform i.a. these tasks: pruning shrubs, cleaning dead branches, storm damage protection and pruning from the lift.

Compost binsGarden compost is one of the main ingredients in my mix. It is produced from your own garden waste, and it is worth making one or more containers for your compost piles. Composting can be as simple as a pile of leaves, weeds and household waste. Mother Nature does it all the time, Walking in the woods or in the field and you will find that she gets the job done without any plan from a moving company. But people are different. We want to save space, keep order, and usually we build a container or a week for our compost material; it makes it easier to make large piles that develop the heat that promotes decomposition. What can we buy or build from a moving company? There are many compost bins on the market, preferably made of plastic or wood. They work well and are reasonable in price. There are even plastic or metal containers that can turn or mix the compost, which promotes the process, but they cost more and what's worse - you have to move them yourself. It's fun at first, but not for long.

Build your own compost binWe need something that can hold a pile together in either a square or round shape. Wire fences work well for round and in fact also for square containers if you use four fence posts. Wire fence cylinders should be at least 1 or 2 m in diameter. The exact length of wire fence to be used is not that important. I just advise everyone to buy a roll of wire fence of 3 or 4.5 m and make a cylinder by hooking the bent wire ends together. If you want a compost bin from a painter with a diameter of 1 m, buy a 3 m wire fence. If you want 1.2 m in diameter, you buy a 4.5 m fence, and then you also have enough for a gate. And if you do not like round containers, buy four 2 m long steel fence posts, knock them down in each corner of the compost area and bend the wire fence around them. Then you have a square compost bin that fits well in your kitchen garden. Find the best place for the compost bin and fill it up. When it is full or needs to be turned, just lift the wire container, put it next to the pile and fill the compost in it with a handle - then you have turned the compost pile!

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My name is Erik Tilbud Olsen and I live in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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