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Integrated Metal Fabrication a Contemporary Approach

Author: Uday Patel
by Uday Patel
Posted: Feb 23, 2021
metal fabrication

In this century non traditional is turning into traditional with a modern day twist. Evolution is the crux of enterprise, be they at nascent stage or full fledged functional units. The axe falls on those who lag behind or hesitate.

Modern metal fabrication units are also known as integrated steel fab shops. They incorporate fully automated processes that assist in tackling complex projects. These fab shops are diverse production units that fabricate complex engineering mega structures as well building components.

Existence in cut throat competition makes it imperative to incorporate latest technologies doing away with or assimilating traditional systems. The aim of technological integration is to reduce cost, production time and obtain an innovatively designed component with better finish. Latest technologies are not incorporated just to be in with times and create recognition among the peer.

Metal fabrication projects whether residential or commercial are demanding and complex in nature, units which stick to traditional methodologies are soon outclassed by rivals who are contemporary with a broader outlook.

By complex projects we do not restrict ourselves to large scale manufacturing or fabrication of mega structures, generally considered as small the building components are within the purview. Quality vis a vis innovative design, finish and cost efficiency is the desired goal of all customers whether they are B2B or B2C.

The modern fab units incorporate latest technology tools and equipments for their production lines at cost. But seamless customer experience delivered timely at lesser cost of production creates a win win situation for both the providers and the receivers.

Most of the units now days are single source production units’ fully geared up right from start to finish. From white board stage to design and implementation at the fabrication flor and eventual installation at the site is all taking place in house without any external support.

For example the emergence of laser cutting and computer process that fully automate production have propelled metal fabrication units forward. Businesses facing global competition are more exposed to integration of latest means of production by rival with broader outlook consistently integration quick assimilation of advance tech.

Major impact in the industry has been made by CNC which stands for Computer Numerical Controlled and this refers to machining which is integral to fab shops. CNC automates a range of processes that take place in contemporary fabrication unit. In this case there is software that accord controls that govern the machine tools in action.

Unlike manual labor induced process modern processes provide continuous almost inexhaustible works. This is barring any malfunctions which do happen even in case of latest technologies. This computer software driven approach leads to high precision output. The software driven process could also replicate with ease any design for bulk production.

Elimination of manual labor is not in totality but little training and skills are required in case of modern tech. The incorporation also reduces the need for large number of technicians thus saving in salaries and hence the production cost. These systems can be reprogrammed swiftly in order to increase the range diverse products.

Although immense benefits arise from incorporating this modern technology there can be glitches. The problems that this integration may create are loss of long preserved traditional skills, loss of employment besides heavier investment in the shops. Nevertheless the advantages outweigh the negative. They lead to a better ability to compete with low cost highly efficient fabrication of metal components. In order to survive metal fabrication units have to evolve with times. There is no room for complacency even is the business is doing well using the traditional means. Sooner or later competition creeps in and those who lag behind are ousted.

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