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Basketball Shoe Types

Author: Mohamed Fareed
by Mohamed Fareed
Posted: Feb 23, 2021
basketball shoe

Basketball is one of the most popular games in the country. The sport involves plenty of jumping, running, and throwing so your footwear is very important. Runner's shoes are probably the shoes that you are most likely to be wearing during an actual game. While there really isn't much running involved in the actual game of basketball, other movements involved taking a special shoe designed specifically to protect the foot of a player while also allowing for those movements, making a basketball shoe a little different than just a typical running shoe. You need to be aware of the different types of basketball shoes so that you can make the right choice for you.

When it comes to basketball shoes, there are two distinct categories that players fall into. They range between basketball shoes with more cushioning and extra support or best Baseball Gloves and shoes with less cushioning and more support. There is also a special type of shoe called a soft style or sneaker that is designed not to offer much in the way of support but instead to give the legs more traction. These kinds of shoes also have a special traction pattern on the bottom of the shoe. There are specific pairs for fast paced situations and others for calmer, more relaxed movements.

The first type of basketball shoe is called a support. This type of basketball shoe offers minimal cushioning and features a very firm mid-foot support system with a non-marking mid-foot sole. These low tops are great for fast break times and provide support for the entire leg. A low top is also great for use with a long jumper who has a hard time catching the ball on the wing because of the lack of cushioning.

Another type of basketball shoes is called a mid-top and is designed to offer more support to the front of the legs. These types of basketball shoes feature a semi-curved foot bed with a semi-thick upper. This helps to reduce fatigue when players are in quick motion. Mid-top basketball shoes are great for high energy positions such as running back and catching the ball in transition.

The next type of basketball shoe is called a signature pair and is actually a mixture of both casual sneakers and basketball sneakers. When you purchase a pair of signature sneakers you get a pair of authentic, official shoes that come with a built in gum shield and logo. In addition, you will receive the basketball shoes colorways of both Nike and Reebok. Signatures are usually bold and have big red, yellow or black letters and either a 'G' or an 'R' letter.

The next type of basketball shoe is called a street sneaker and is built more for performance than for style. The materials used in making these sneakers are typically more durable and lightweight. Some street shoes even feature thicker rubber outsole and ankle straps than what is found on a basketball sneaker. As a result, they perform better on the court and will last longer than sneakers with a thin rubber outer sole. They are also lighter and are more comfortable for long periods of time.

The other type of basketball shoe is called an air Jordan and is a specialty athletic shoe made by Nike. These shoes feature all of the benefits of a traditional basketball shoe but are lightweight and easier to move in. Nike originally developed these as a replacement for the Air Jordan basketball shoe, but over the years they have improved and added more features and extra weight to the shoe. Air Jordan shoes have a mid-sole and a full grain uppers for maximum comfort and durability.

The final type of basketball shoe we are going to discuss is the max block and midsole. These are the most recent development in basketball shoe technology. The max block basketball shoe features a thick and durable material with excellent lateral grip. It also has an arch brace to provide support and stability for players. The midsole of the max block is made of material that helps reduce the wear and tear on the basketball player's ankles. Most players will not require any extra support in their ankles and this type of basketball shoe will do just fine.

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