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Resd best odia shayari ever

Author: Buysmart Accs
by Buysmart Accs
Posted: Feb 26, 2021

It was a school holiday. All the schools were headed towards the gate. Abed looked a bit upset. When Rehana asked, she panicked and said, "From next week there are exams, I am scared."

On hearing this, Rihanna laughed, "Looks like you've fallen prey to exammophobia." You were similarly scared in the monthly test. Your marks had come very well. How is fear then? "

Akhil said teasingly, "It is like that. Whenever we are a little late for school, it gets so nervous. It cannot happen. "

One after the other friends started teasing Abed, Rehana changed the talk and said, "Enough is enough." Odia shayari all of you are making fun of it instead of supporting it. Good friends don't do that. "

On the second day, there was a lunch break in school, then the children started having fun. Abhed was sitting alone in a corner silently. Rehana asked, then Abed said, "I don't feel like eating after listening to the exam date." I won't be able to sleep tonight either. "

Rehana smiled at first, then softly said, "Can you come to my house in the evening? I have a magic match. "

Abed asks, "Magic Match?"

Rehana said, "Yes! He was given to my father by his father. She does charisma. But forgetting that magical match, do not show anyone nor open it. Keep it quietly in your school bag. "

Abed smiled. Said happily, "Rehana, you are so good. Will that magic match really take away my trouble? "

Rehana said with closed eyes, "You will know this only after having a magic match."

Abhed said, "Okay, I will go with you to your house after the holiday."

Then the bell rang, everyone went to their class.

When he is discharged, Abed comes to his house with Rehana. Rehana said while giving a match, "You remember me, don't you?" Return me to school tomorrow. " Abhade nodded happily and nodded yes.

The next morning Rehana was standing at the school gate. Then the impulse came running and returning the match said, "Awesome, yesterday I had a great dinner and I also got a good sleep."

Rehana kept in a match bag and said, "I said no, it's a magic match." Come on now. " Both started towards class.

Everything was fine for two-three days. Then one day seeing Abhade upset, Rehana asked, "Now what happened? Are you upset again? "

Abhed said softly, "What to do? The first paper is from Maths. I am very scared of maths. "

Rehana smiled, "That's all." Do not panic. Bilal sir was saying that if we have any problem, we can ask him. They will help us. "

Abhed said, "He is." But I am not able to prepare properly. Just deal with the maths paper somehow. ”

Rehana said, "What can happen now?" Tomorrow is the math paper. You just revise. "

Abhed said, "Why can't it be?" I am coming to your house in the evening. Please. Just give me that magical match for tonight. "

Rehana said softly, "Okay, but this is the last time." Promise that you will practice a lot as soon as you go home. You will revise each chapter. Will you not? "

Abhed said, “I am just practicing. But I am afraid that she is not going.

In the evening Abed went to Rehana's house and took the match box. When he reached school again in the morning, Rehana met him at the school gate. Abed said, "Here you are. It's a miracle. I revisited till late night. I also got up early in the morning. Thanks Rehana. "

Both started towards class. When the paper is over, Rehana asks Abhade, "How was the exam?"

Abed said smilingly, "Very good."

"Must be good." Prepare all the exams vigorously. I am also doing. " Saying that Rehana went home.

After giving the last paper, Abed stood at the school gate. Seeing Rehana, he said, "I am coming to your house again this evening."

Rehana laughs, "Why? Now the exam is over. "

Abhade said softly, "Three days off. Then there is also the result. I am nervous Only the magic match will keep me calm. Please! do not say no. I will bring him back on the result day. Will never ask for it again. "

Rehana laughed. Abhed took the match box in the evening. The school opened three days later. Abhade catches match box Rehana. Rehana asked, "How was the holiday?"

Abhed replied, "Very cool." The three-day holiday passed in a pinch. "

Rehana said in a box box of matches, "Come quickly." Looks like the results are beginning to be announced. "

Both ran towards the ground. There, both of them agreed to listen to their names in the announcement. Rehana smiles. She started saying, "Abhed! You heard! Your name has also been called in the top ten list. "

Abhid jumped with joy. He said, "This is the magic of all magic matches."

Abhey fell silent upon seeing Rehana laughing loudly. Rehana said, "It was a simple match. There is no magic anywhere. He is in us. If you have joined the top ten, then only and only by your hard work and dedication. "

The imperviousness did not say anything. Just quietly he was watching the box of matchbox which Rehana was tearing to pieces. '

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