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A brief discussion on different types of outdoor shades

Author: Smart Web
by Smart Web
Posted: Sep 21, 2014

Shades are most commonly seen to be used to protect the interior of houses from the heat and glare of the sun rays. The exterior of the homes are neglected more often than not. However, there are various kinds of shades available to protect you from the heat and the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun when you are at t your lawn or backyard. These shades offer you protection from the heat, apart from this; you can spend a rainy afternoon under these shades. Here are some exterior shades which are available.

a) Outdoor shades are used to provide protection when you are outside of your home, for example your backyard or garden. These shades could also be seen in the public parks and garden where you could find children having a nice time under them. These types of shades could be purchased and if you want and if you are skilful enough, then you can built one by yourself. It is all about a shade at the top which is supported by two of four stands. There are also many custom outdoor shades available, which are prepared according to the requirement of the customers. They could be customized in terms of their size, design and color.

b) Outdoor patio shades could be seen in big houses which has a fairly big open space adjacent to the house. This space is covered from all the four sides by these shades. At the top, the material used is hard and durable and it is opaque in nature. It meant to offer protection from rain, apart from preventing sunlight and heat to penetrate through. The sides are usually transparent, which allows you to see through them. Usually, the side shades can be folded like curtains,. You can pull them down when you need privacy or leave them hanging at the top. These types of shades are not very common.

c) Motorized outdoor shades are the modern version. In case of a small area the shades could be arranged manually, however, when you have a relatively bigger area to handle, or say, there are too many windows or doors in your office, then it becomes very difficult to operate them manually. Here these types of shades come handy. They are operated by motors and you need to put in a very little effort.

Outdoor sun shades are used to provide protection when you are outside of your home, for example your backyard or garden. Search more here.

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