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Why is the Hookah Bowl an Important Element of the Hookah Pot?

Author: Wendy Gbhregg
by Wendy Gbhregg
Posted: Feb 28, 2021

One of the most essential components of every Shisha pipe are the bowl or the hookah the head which is placed at the top of the hookah. Before coming down to the main topic that" bowl breakdown" let's first try and understand the tobacco heating process which takes place in the bowl.

By now you might be familiar with the process of setting up the hookah and the process before it. When you have to warm the hookah not only from the top where the coal is placed from above but it also has to be warmed up from the side of the walls too. That is the reason you have to use the foil and place the coal as much as close to the edge as possible.

When you succeed in evenly distributing the heat in your bowl you're guaranteed a flavorful and cloudy smoke session. But its warming up largely depends upon the primary material used in its construction as well as its shape.

Today if you go in the market you will find that the predominant bowls are made up of clay or ceramics apart from that you can also get your hands on the bowls that are made up of silicon as well as glass, stone, metal, and even wood but these are very rarely used.

Most of the hookah set comes with an Egyptian bowl which has been used traditionally for many years, made up of clay, it has a unique design and has good air intake capacity. But these traditional bowls are not ideal for smoking juicy Shisha tobacco often clogs the air intake and allows excess flavoring juice to drip down into your hookah ruining your smoking experience. Hence you are free to explore more options, because of that we have a breakdown on several great options for modern hookah bowls that can work well with a variety of different types of shisha.

Types of Hookah Bowls

There are several types of hookah bowl which we can compare and classify based on the material used as well as the shape of the hookah bowl. The hookah bowl determines whether you enjoy the taste of hookah tobacco flavors like pan rasna or deter from them.The most commonly found and used hookah bowls are mentioned below.


Made from ceramic or clay you will find these glazed bowls with a glazed coating covering the entire bowl. Which makes them easier to clean avoiding any flavoring molasses to be soaked in the pores. Thus avoiding flavors to be cooked or ghosted in the bowl. Making it an ideal choice for smokers who likes to taste new flavors regularly.


These bowls are the same as glazed bowls that are made up of ceramic or clay but do not comes with a glazed coating. Due to which the flavoring molasses gets all soaked up in the pores absorbing the flavors in it. Hence making it idle for smoking only a single flavor such as mint double Apple.


You can get a traditional or classic bowl such as above mentioned Egyptian clay bowl that has multiple small air intake holes at the base of the dish. Where you have to place the hookah tobacco on top of it covered by a foil.


This was one of the recent development in the hookah bowl which has a spire that rises up in the middle of the bowl along with many small air intake holes punched on every side of the spire. It is so, as it allows the air intake to sit above the shisha.


Phunnel bowls are also some of the most common and widely used funnel bowls as a result of how well they perform. They come with a spire that rises up in the middle of the bowl along with a one big air intake funnel located at the top of the spire. That is the reason for its wider gauge air intake in comparison to most other styles of bowls

Electronic Hookah Bowl

This is another new take on the hookah head, which you can fit right on top of your hookah but instead of your regular Shisha tobacco, it uses e-juices. Although not quite the same as that of other bowls, it makes up a great alternative to your traditional hookah.

Fruit Head Bowl

If you're too tired of looking around for another bowl just grab the fruit closest to you like pineapple, pear, apple, grapefruit, or even a muskmelon, and savor the juices in the next smoking session. All you need to do is carve in the center of the fruit and make a screen for your tobacco to rest followed by filling and packing it with your shisha flavor, covering it with an aluminum foil just like another bowl and you are ready to go.

Steel Bowl

They are much used by travelers as a result of their sturdiness and durability. Being a metal steel bowl heats up quickly but it makes it difficult to manage heat.

Glass Molasses Bowl

Beautiful but fragile, these glass bowls are also very quick to heat up but are not able to hold for long. They are usually used only with hookahs completely made up of glass.

Silicone Shisha Bowl

The silicone bowl is practically indestructible as well as very much easy to handle and easy to clean. Although they are not the best bowl for conducting heat. Yet its other benefits make them a worthy investment.

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