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Car maintenance - A solid investment for a rainy day.

Author: Robert Smith
by Robert Smith
Posted: Mar 04, 2021

Nowadays most of us are worrying about taking care of the car’s maintenance, especially in the monsoon, because most of the drivers are getting hectic by washing and maintaining the car in the monsoon by clearing the accessories, car and the tires. After all, wet weather can do several things on a car’s exterior, as even a light drizzle can leave unsightly deposits that can affect your vehicle’s value. Rather than sit inside and let the rain rinse off the car, most of the people find rainfall as big trouble to their traveling on the roads because of drainage flowing and water on the road that may affect their car’s life, while we take certain protections to cover ourselves in the rainy season likewise our car need few.

We spend thousands of money on car maintenance every year but, by following few measures we can reduce the maintenance cost. Like washing cars, taking care of wheels, batteries, and servicing. Usually, in the normal season, we wash cars monthly once or twice because the car won’t spoil much. Rainwater is acidic where every drop fell on the car. Naturally, it leads to an effect of the car’s paint and slowly it converts to rust. The rainy season needs frequent washing of the car to keep it in an optimal shape. Mainly we should focus on the wheels because in the rainy season most of the roads will be wet because of raining so, at times there will be a chance of skidding while driving to overcome this we need to maintain costly tires for grip.

While you should get in the habit of washing your car once a week, car waxes are designed to last longer, so they need fewer applications. In general, we need to apply car wax four times a year usually will do it at the begging of every season but for few color like white, red, and black need one more coating because these colors will affect more by UV rays and acid rains, sometimes in the rainy season when we place our car at parking place the acid rainwater will fall on the car it can affect the paint and there will be the chance of getting rush so, to overcome this we should park our vehicle in a safe place.

Accessories are one more important part of the rainy season maintenance kit because while driving in the rain wipers play the main role for us to see the clear road and we should maintain the tool kit every time while going out in a rainy season. Taking care of your car during the rainy season takes more effort, but it’s worth it. A little planning and prevention go a long way toward retaining your vehicle’s life. To overcome this problem we have site valetplz where we can get a parking place for rent and the users can get money by giving their place for car parking by registering on the valetplz by using this service we can place our cars in a safe place and also we can save little money from this especially in the rainy season.

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Author: Robert Smith

Robert Smith

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