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How to Choose Bed Linen?

Author: Sally Wilkinson
by Sally Wilkinson
Posted: Mar 01, 2021
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After a hard day of work, we all want to snuggle up in our bed and comfortably rest and sleep to reenergize for another busy day the next day. This is the reason why we should give enough attention when choosing our bed linen. We want our beds to be our haven and place of comfort when our minds and bodies needed a breather.

Fortunately, manufacturers and makers of bedding have our utmost comfort in mind when designing their products. With this, we would not have a hard time choosing which beddings we would purchase especially if we consider the following factors:


Bedding sets are usually made out of cotton, silk, blend, etc. Every material has its merit. For example, cotton is affordable. Although there are other types of cotton that could be quite expensive. But this is preferred by many since there is a variety that fits any budget. Cotton is also long lasting and a no fuss material. You just need to pop it in a machine for a cycle of wash, rinse and dry. They are also breathable and perfect even during hotter weather. Silk on the other hand is more luxurious and sensual.

They are also naturally hypoallergenic. The downside though is that they could be expensive and high maintenance since caring for this delicate material needs mild detergent, placed inside a mesh bag before placing it in a washing machine and washed at 30 degrees Celsius or lower.

Blended materials are also good because they are durable, affordable and wrinkle resistant. Although be wary because the most common blended material is cotton/polyester and if the blend ended with more polyester, the end product might be scratchy and stiff.


When we buy bedding, it usually comes in a set but if you want to try mixing and matching, you should know the essentials.

Sheets – This is what covers the mattress. There are fitted sheets to make sure the mattress is covered at all times no matter how much you move while you sleep. Other bedding sets even include a top sheet to place on top of the fitted sheet to provide another layer of warmth during colder season.

Bedspread – Works like a top sheet but is more decorative and at times work like a flimsy blanket when it's not too cold.

Comforter – Generally serves as a thicker blanket during the winter season.

Comforters are plush, fluffy and provides warmth. For the best quality, you can

search for comforter sets Australia online that are ideal for the climate.

Pillowcases – Used to cover your pillows. These usually match the bed sheet or the bed spread. But could still be purchased separately.


This factor must not be forgotten since a bedsheet that is made for single sized bed would not fit a queen- or king-sized bed. Don’t forget about your bed’s measurement when purchasing bed linen.

When these factors have been thoroughly thought of and considered, you would have a bed that you would be excited to come home to every night.

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Sally is an enthusiastic blogger and marketing manager. She maintains keen interest in progress and development in the marketing and business space.

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