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Interviewers: Win over and hire the hard to find and in demand candidate

Author: Eileen Smith
by Eileen Smith
Posted: Sep 22, 2014

Salary, office location, benefits and all the perks you can offer will always motivate candidates, but what are the other vital reasons a great candidate accepts or declines an offer? How do you know what will mean the most to the candidate you want to hire? A savvy interviewer will authentically let candidates know all the details that set you apart from the competition. Interviewers need to think like a candidate and anticipate their needs, fears and concerns. To help you resonate with candidates, consider five key points that matter to candidates as they consider what’s important in an employer.

Candidates want to trust their employer and believe they can earn respect and their judgment and ability to do the job will be valued by their employer. Candidates want to know their employer will treat them fairly and they want to work where people take pride in their work.

Through interviews and casual conversations with candidates, interviewers can share relevant examples of how trust, respect, fairness, pride and partnership thrive in your organization. There’s no need to beat candidates over the head with what you’re doing but when the question, "what’s it really like to work here" comes up, consider examples of each point to discuss so you come off as trustworthy to candidates.

Use the five key points to springboard conversations to help you better relate to candidates and show why your organization is a great place to work. Encourage all interviewers to share their own versions of how trust, respect, pride, fairness and partnership make you the employer everyone will want to join.

Here’s where to start:

Trust: Share examples that show:

  • Communications both organization wide and within teams are open and accessible. Promote we are transparent in our actions
  • We value integrity in all actions
  • We appreciate each team member’s competence and trust they will perform to the best of their ability. We don’t micromanage and trust you to make the best decisions for your job

Examples should help candidates realize, We are open communicators who don’t keep secrets. You can trust us with your career.

Respect: Share examples that show:

  • Team members support each other and show appreciation for hard work
  • Employees are open to collaborating and don’t hoard or refuse to share ideas
  • We care for employees as individuals with lives outside of work

Examples should help candidates realize, We support and value team work. We value you as a person with a life beyond your job. We encourage balance.

Fairness: Share examples that show:

  • Equity is a balanced treatment of all regarding rewards
  • There is no favoritism in hiring and promotions
  • We pride ourselves on resolving issues in a fair and just manner

Examples should help candidates realize, We take equity seriously, promote from within and reward based on hard work and good performance.

Pride: Share examples that show:

  • Encourage employees to take pride in organization and in their individual contributions
  • Foster environment of support and productivity for all teams
  • Respect organizations reputation, products and services and standing in the community

Examples should help candidates realize, We want you to always feel great about working here. We like it when our employees brag about why we are a great place to work.

Partnership: Share examples that show:

  • Encourage each employee to be themselves and be proud of who they are and the experiences they bring to their role
  • Foster a friendly and welcoming atmosphere
  • We are proud to have created a culture where employees feel like family
About the Author

Eileen Smith is the author, coach and Ceo of The Recruiter Advisor, Llc which offers recruiting the tools to showcase expertise, gain fast credibility

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