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When you Should Replace the Fuel Injector of Ford Powerstroke in Jeffersonville?

Author: Diesel Pickup Pros
by Diesel Pickup Pros
Posted: Mar 18, 2021

For the smooth combustion process, the engine needs the right amount of fuel in your Ford Powerstroke. Moreover, the diesel engine of the pickup truck has a critical component known as a fuel injection system that is used for injecting the right amount of fuel at right time to ensure a clean and efficient combustion process.

On the other hand, the fuel injector is also used for maintaining the fuel amount and injection timing, inject the fuel into the injectors, improve the fuel mileage, and reduce the fuel maintenance needs in the pickup truck.

How do the fuel injectors work?

By using the electronically controlled valves, the fuel injectors are spraying fuel into the engine and open and close the valves subsequently. For optimum efficiency and combustion, the diesel is distributed in the engine through an atomizing nozzle.

When the injectors are running at a greater efficacy, it will reduce the emissions and increase the fuel mileage. In general, the fuel injector has two basic parts such as nozzle and injector body, when any of these parts are clogged, it will affect the performance of the Ford Powerstroke.

Symptoms of failed fuel injector

If the fuel injector is breaking down for any reason, then it will impact the performance and cause mechanical and electrical issues. The below points define the common signs of the failed fuel injector in the Ford Powerstroke.

Engine misfiring

Many times, you will notice engine misfiring issues in the pickup truck and cause delayed acceleration while pressing down the accelerator pedal. Moreover, the engine misfiring or vibrations will be caused in your Ford Powerstroke due to failed fuel injector and blocked nozzles.

If the fuel injector unable to deliver the right amount of fuel to the ECU for the proper mixture of fuel and air in the combustion chamber, then it will lead to misfiring or a sudden drop in the acceleration. So, its' always better to clean the fuel injector for keeping them free from blockages.

Engine stalling

Sometimes, you will experience that the engine of the Ford Powerstroke is stalling randomly. The reason behind the stalling is the lack of fuel in the engine from the injectors. If a small amount of fuel is entering into the combustion chamber, then the ECU will affect the performance of the engine and cause stalling.

On the other hand, when the nozzle of the pickup truck is blocked or found leaks in the injector which is connected with the fuel lines may lead to engine stalling. So, diagnose the fuel injector as soon as possible for preventing further damages.

Rough engine idling

When the fuel injector is not delivering the right amount of fuel, then your pickup truck is producing an unusual noise and feels rougher. If the injector nozzles are clogged with particles, then it will cause engine misfiring and interfere with the atomization process of the engine as well as spray the fuel.

Moreover, several reasons will cause rough idle noise such as the clogged air filter and damaged spark plugs, but the most common among them are clogged fuel injectors.

Fuel leakage

While driving the pickup truck, if you will smell the fuel strongly, then inspect it for fuel leakage. In general, the fuel leakage in your Ford Powerstroke where the injector meets the injector or the injector gets old and not maintained properly. So, it's better to check the fuel injector for determining the fuel leakage very closely. Ignoring the issues for longer may cause a drop in the fuel gauge.

Activated check engine light

The illuminated check engine light on the dashboard is the common sign of failed fuel injector in the Ford Powerstroke. But the check engine light comes on for a variety of reasons in your pickup truck. If the injectors are delivering too much or too little fuel to the engine, then the ECU triggers the engine light automatically.


The most easiest and simple way to clean and maintain the fuel injector is by consulting with a reputed mechanic. If you are currently living in Jeffersonville or the nearest location, then it's better to bring your truck to a professional auto repair shop for replacing the fuel injector of your Ford Powerstroke efficiently.

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