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Tips for newbies choosing a long / cruiser

Author: Jack Harry
by Jack Harry
Posted: Mar 18, 2021
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We will tell you about the main characteristics of longboards and help you find your first board.

Of course, these are tips for those who are just starting to ride and are looking for a ready-made kit.

The most important thing is to decide: how and where you will ride. Different boards are needed for each style and type of riding. There are several main types of boards in total:

  1. Cruiser. 70% of brands are made by cruisers. These "longs" are designed for comfortable riding around the city. Wheels on cruisers are soft to medium hard, often slightly wider than on other types of boards. The cruisers themselves are usually medium to small in size compared to other types of boards.
  2. Fish".A variant of the cruiser, shorter and more maneuverable, often with a kick-tail - one edge of the board bent upwards. It is important to know that very compact "fish", although very maneuverable, are less stable at high speeds, so it is easier to fall from them. Therefore, fish of medium length are best suited for beginners. They are easy to operate, comfortable in the city and do not take too long to master.
  3. Longboards for downhill. These boards are for those who like more adrenaline and the wind in their ears. Downhill boards usually have a very stiff deck, often completely flat. It is often underestimated relative to the suspensions, and the suspensions have a small swing angle. Plus, such longs are often much heavier than other models. The extra weight gives them stability at high speed. They also work well for long distance trips.
  4. Freeride longboards.Very similar to downhill longs. But in freeride, unlike pure downhill, there is more sliding (these boards allow you to enter a controlled skid on the board), so freeride boards are slightly different structurally from downhill boards. Ask any of our sellers - and he will tell you in more detail about all the specific features of freeride longs.

5. Longs for freestyle. They have a symmetrical shape (usually kick-tails - curled tails and noses) and a coarser abrasive coating on top. Some models resemble skateboard in shape, but, according to the sensation of riding, they are not skateboards at all. These boards are available from Sector 9 and Loaded.

After you have decided what you want to do, how and where to ride, you can already competently select a specific board for you. Remember that you don't need a fancy long to just ride the bike paths. And with a plastic Penny, you can fiercely fly off the downhill. First the purpose, and then the design and appearance of the board, and not vice versa!


If banging your knee is not pleasant and painful, banging your head is sometimes incompatible with life. Skate helmets are not a fad, but a must. They are available in different sizes. Inside there are ventilation holes, shock-absorbing layers and various technologies for your convenience and safety.

Downhill helmets are much cooler. Full face - with full face protection. They resemble motorcycle gear. These helmets with special aerodynamics are designed to prevent wind in the face in case of a dangerous feeling of flight and to protect the head in the event of a fall at speed.

By the way, the protection that you buy for the longboard of the season will come in handy in winter - except for gloves and helmets, everything is quite universal. Be healthy and take care of yourself!

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Hey, I’m Jack_Harry, a longboard expert. I will do detailed review of longboards

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