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10 Rules Guys Must Adhere To When Chatting With Girls On Social Media

Author: Patricia Lyons
by Patricia Lyons
Posted: Mar 19, 2021
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10 Rules Guys Must Adhere To When Chatting With Girls On Social Media

1. When a girl ignores your message twice, leave her alone. She ain't blind, she just choose to ignore it. There is no need sending more messages. Move on to the next girl sharply.

2. When a girl accept your request, seriously typing "thanks for accepting my request" is very lame. Do it in her inbox if you must. Some of you get ignored when you type that crap on her wall.

3. You don't need to be a male love peddler. Don't woo every girl on your list. Some are good enough to be just friends with you.

4. Guy, don't be the thirsty dude on a girl's post, simply hit the like button and move on. If you need to comment, make it brief and interesting. Don't go begging her to add you.

5. Bro, if the picture is beautiful like it and give a simple compliment. If it's not, there is no need lying to get her attention. Can't wait for Facebook to upgrade, where you just press the dislike button, Lol!

6. Buddy, when chatting you don't spend your whole time telling a girl how beautiful she is, hundreds of guys have told her how beautiful she is everyday. They find it boring when you join the train.

7. If you find yourself always starting the conversation with a particular person, like you are always the first to message her, please stop it for a while. If she doesn't notice, you are not important to her, leave her alone.

8. If you both don't roll, don't tag her to your pictures, she might find it offensive.

9. The lesser of you, the better for you. When you are all over her wall, all over pictures commenting and liking everything, you are less appreciated because you are acting thirsty.

10. When you compliment a girl on her picture and another person compliments her on the same picture and she thanked the other dude and skip your name, please remove your comment. It wasn't necessary.

This are plain psychological tips.

If a girl ignore your messages, refuses to pick your calls, refuses to see you or go on a date with you, rejects your gift or returns them.

35 signs he wants to marry you

Secrets of a Happy Relationship

Relationships like marriage, romance, live together or any of similar kinds can be sustained with a happy note if some of the secret rules are followed. Relationship is completely subjective and no clear cut rules can be executed on it, yet following certain guidelines may help proceeding happily in a relationship.

Many of these, so called, rules are based on the life experience of many happy couple and also the observation of people. When two people get into relationships, many of them wish for lasting relationships. But pathetically, a good number of them go apart after a while, in search of new partners. Let us see the secrets that constitute long lasting relationships or ever remaining relationships.

Breakup and Divorce are not the Solution

When asked about the best possible way of resolving the issues in relationships or marriage, many people may comment that breakup or a divorce is the best possible method of putting an end to all the troubles in a relationships. It is the biggest mistake that people ever commit in a relationship.

The reason for increased divorce rate is analyzed as the mentality of people who even before getting into a relationship think divorce as means of solving possible issues in it. Divorce is never an option but its the utmost decision to be taken in life only at an inevitable situation. Do not even think about a breakup or marriage whenever you confront with minor issues in relationships. Issues are just byproducts of the happiness experienced in the relationships.

No Perfect Relationships, but Perfect Situations

No one can be considered in a perfect relationship, how happy the couple is, as happiness in a relationship is just the happiness of the situations created by the partners. No relationship, as a whole, is destined to be jovial and satisfying. There can be moments of happiness and moments of struggles.

The couple who learns the secrets of balancing both happiness and struggles wins the life and enjoys the best possible relationship and life. When in tension or issues, many people may think that they are fated to fall in to wrong relationship, and at the same time ignore the possible chances of making each moments in life happy by understanding the partner a bit more and adjusting a bit more.

Never be Afraid or Make Him/Her Afraid

Another secret of happy relationship lies in being open and frank with the partner. Do not feel afraid to express you mind to the partner and never ever make him/her afraid of you to tell out the mind. When people communicate each other many of the issues can be melted down. An issue, how ignorable it is, when kept in mind for several days, can take forms of anger, frustration, dislike etc., and get expressed in the most undesirable manners. Let the communication between the partners be a frequent element and no one should hold the words when he/she really wants to talk.

Love Defined is Respect and Care

You can just tell that you love your partner but can never express the love as it is. There is no emotion like love, but it comes as a package which includes, respect, care, share, dedication, forgiveness etc., express the emotions whenever possible to make the other person feel the intensity of your love. Do not be a miser in loving the partner and let your love be unconditional. It is rightly said that love is defined as respect and care. When the partner feels that you do not care for him/her or do not give him/her the due respect, the person may think of an alternative to you.

Always Support Each Other

Never ever leave your partner unsupported. Whatever be the opinions and ideas, know that you are the only one he/she can lean for support. When both of you are alone, you can argue among yourself on points you disagree with the other one, but in public both of you have only one mind. Holding the hands, especially when he/she is sad or broken, is helpful to convey you care for the person. Once you have decided to live together, then no questions of separation may arise, even in the opinions.

Guy, it's high time you hit the road because she ain't feeling you!

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My name is Julia Rose. I'm a registered clinical therapist, a researcher, a coach, and the creator of the breakthrough coaching program of a master's degree in counseling psychology.

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