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How much does Janitorial Service Charge? 

Author: Harry Henrik
by Harry Henrik
Posted: Mar 20, 2021
janitorial services

Janitorial cleaning services could be working in schools, businesses, offices, etc. They play an important part in the operation of any business, school, or office because they are the ones that are responsible for keeping up the hygienic conditions.

Nowadays people are hiring janitorial cleaning services for the cleaning of their houses than hiring permanent employees for cleaning. Janitorial services Jersy city are considered the best services. But the main question that arises over here is that how many Janitorial services Jersy city would cost when hiring them.

Janitorial Service pricing

What’s the deal with service pricing? You know that Janitorial services Jersy city can enhance your office building. It will not just keep your building neat, clean, and tidy but will also keep your workers' healthy thorough cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing. But how you will know that the price they are offering you is fair to you? Let’s look at the factors that one should consider while making a contract with Janitorial services Jersy city so that you can understand their services better.

There are several points on which the prices of Janitorial services Jersy city depends on. Some of the basics include:

Building TypeThe prices of the Janitorial services in Jersy city depends highly on the class of the building. Does your building belong to Class A, B, C? Cut it into short, a class A building has the best architectures and designs, best materials and fine flooring, and exclusive tenants. Class B is a little lower than class A with lesser grade finishes and designs. Class C buildings are usually found near industrial parks with low-grade finishes and carpet. Your building's classification determines the number of cleaning products, equipment, and people needed for the cleaning.

  • Building age

If your building is old then it needs more equipment and products to clean it thoroughly whereas a brand new building will use less equipment and products for its cleaning and will cost less.

  • Building covered area

The cost of cleaning a 20,000 square foot building will cost less than the cleaning cost of a 27,000 square foot building. Janitorial services Jersy city will take this into account when they make an estimate.

  • Number of People

The cleaning cost of the building depends upon the number of people visiting the building. The amount of foot traffic will be considered when recommending cleaning frequency.

  • Number of cleaning services

How often do you want your Janitorial services Jersy city to clean your building? Daily? 4 days per week? Everyday? This will affect the prices of the cleaning services. Some people set some specific areas to be cleaned daily such as the main entrance and set some to be cleaned weakly such as less used areas.

  • Number of Stories

How many floors does your building have? A 25,000 square foot building with one floor will have a different price than the same size building with 4 floors. More floors mean that more rooms and restrooms to be cleaned. Also, they have to clean the elevators and stairs which will increase the price.

  • Materials

Which type of flooring has been used during the manufacture of the building. The floor made up of tiles are easier to clean than the ceramic floors. Also, the complicated and detailed designs on the walls are harder to clean and consume more products and will eventually increase the price.

  • Products

Prices will depend upon the number of consumable products used such as toilet paper, towels, sanitizers, and other supplies. More consumption means a big budget and more price. Janitorial services Jersy city will need to know the number of people who visit or work in your company to set the budget.

  • Expectations

The prices also depend on the expectations from the cleaning services. They will include all services you told them and will make your budget. If you add some other thing after the main meeting then there will be an increase in the price of cleaning services.

Basic Price Models

For smaller jobs or buildings, you can set your price model by one hour or by one week. This idea works best when you want to clean the domestic area where there is usually one cleaner and hence work can vary from week to week. You can also set the price by the area per square foot. This works best with janitorial, business, or office jobs. You can simply make an estimate that how long it takes to clean the building and then you can set the price.


Your pricing variables with the cleaning staff must take into account the time you want to work with specific cleaning services. You can make a contract of half a month, a full year, or 2 to 3 years with them and set your price according to the time allotted. For smaller jobs, there will be more price contracts and for larger jobs, there will be lower price contracts.

Other considerations

One important thing that you must do while doing a contract with cleaning services is that you must ask them to visit the site before they give you the proposal. If they don’t do the visit to the site, they will not be able to see the detailing and understanding of the project so allow them to do a site visit before they make the proposal plan.

With the walk-through area, the services will get a picture of the number of people visiting the building. They can specify the amount of cleaning products to be used to clean the building and will propose according to that.

The most important part is the sharing of your requirements and needs with the Janitorial services Jersy city so that they can understand it better than what kind of outcome do you want from them and then they will be able to set the proposal.

If you want to clean your building efficiently glowing then do contact us at GLOW UP CLEAN for further details and information.


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