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Why Mad Mex supports a “flexitarian” lifestyle

Author: Mad Mex
by Mad Mex
Posted: Mar 21, 2021

Amigos all over Australia love Mad Mex thanks to the great tasting, authentic Mexican food that we serve. We’ve always supported custom meals and have done whatever we can to support the lifestyle and dietary needs of our familia. We also care deeply about the environment, which is why we are supporters of the flexitarian lifestyle. We want the planet to be in good shape for future generations of amigos, which is why we’re encouraging you to embrace the flexitarian way at the best Mexican restaurant Melbourne has to offer.

We’ve shown many of you just how tasty vegan food can be with our Meatfree Mondays initiative, which gives our beloved familia a discount on plant-based food every Monday.

"We’re going to do this [campaign] for two years; we don’t believe that you can influence change in behavior over a one-month campaign. Or if you do, it’s just not meaningful," Mad Mex head honcho Clovis Young said in to QSR Media. "It costs us a bit of money – but we’re doing it because we think it’s critical that we encourage people, it’s part of our purpose to encourage people to live a big, honest, healthy life."

Don’t worry, meat isn’t going away

For most of our amigos eating vegan is a choice and a preference. Mad Mex isn’t suggesting that everyone moves to exclusively eating plant-based foods. After all, we know better than anyone how great it is to have a delicious meat-filled meal and our menu is still filled with the favourites you love. Our menu proves that Mexican spices go amazing with meat, so you and your familia can rest assured knowing that meat isn’t coming off our menu at the best Mexican restaurant Melbourne has or any of our other locations.

While we love meat as much as the rest of you, it’s important to take environmental issues seriously. That means all of our amigos must take a serious look at the food we’re eating. That’s why we’re such fans of the flexitarian diet as we can cut back on meat while not cutting it out completely. By looking for alternatives when they’re available, we can help the planet while still eating plenty of tasty food.

Mad Mex has worked hard to create vegan food that tastes so authentic that you might not even realise a difference. Our not-chicken chicken meal was made in collaboration with Simplot and it often fools our customers into thinking they’ve had real meat at the top Mexican restaurant in Melbourne. We’ve had plenty of amigos ask their waiter if they received the wrong item by mistake as they can’t believe that they’re not eating real chicken.

After all, we know that you want the meaty flavour and texture that you have grown to love. When you can get that while also reducing the negative impact that the meat industry is having on the planet, then that’s a win-win for everybody.

Mad Mex is fully committed to delivering the authentic bold flavour of Mexican cuisine to Australia. We only introduce new dishes to our menu when we can live up to our core ideals of fresh food that would be loved in Mexico. Our "powered by plants" menu lives up to those lofty expectations and has quickly become a favourite of our amigos as a result.

So, why don’t you let us prove our commitment to living flexitarian by coming to Mad Mex on a Monday and trying our Meatfree Mondays promotion. Not only are you getting a great-tasting plant-based meal from the best Mexican restaurant Melbourne has going, but one at a lower price as well.

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