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How Can You Select The Perfect Colour Theme For Your Kitchen?

Author: Jilli Smith
by Jilli Smith
Posted: Mar 29, 2021

Today, your modern kitchen is not just a place where you cook food. It is now a place that defines the entire interior and look-and-feel of your home. Hence, you need to take extra care when deciding the kitchen colours. There are just so many options, colour combinations, and funky splashbacks for the kitchen – which can be confusing. This is why we have created a list of factors that you can consider for the colour palette of your kitchen.

Steps to Choose The Right Kitchen Splashback Design

Selecting kitchen splashback designs is a crucial but exciting task. To help you avoid making mistakes in this task, we have explored some factors that you need to consider. Dive in and start reading!

1. Plan

Before you take out your paintbrush and decide on the kitchen splashback design, you need to plan. Envision the design of your kitchen, match it with the interior, and then move forward.

    • Do you like a modern look?
    • Do you need pop colours?
    • Do you need funky splashbacks for kitchens?
    • Do you want subtle and evergreen designs?

A good amount of research will help find out what you like or don’t like.

You can even bring some colour samples or chips from the store to see how different colour tones will look together.

2. Start With Cabinets

Once you have explored and found out a few ideas for your kitchen, you can start picking colours for the cabinets. We are starting first at the cabinets because your cabinets take up most of your wall space. So, it would be smart to decide the colour-coding of cabinets in the starting only.

But, you need to consider:

    • Lighting
    • Maintenance
    • Look-and-feel

For instance, black will reflect less light. Hence, it will make your kitchen look smaller. Similarly, white reflects more light, so it will make your kitchen look larger. White is also evergreen. It always stays in style, so you don’t need to remodel for multiple years.

Currently, modern kitchens contain a contrast of black, white, and grey. You can even use wooden shades with white or black or grey.

3. Include Benchtop

The benchtop of your kitchen is the next biggest factor in your kitchen. If you keep neutral colours here, then your kitchen splashback designs will really stand out. This lighter shade will also bounce more light, which will make your kitchen naturally brighter.

But, if you are choosing black or grey shades for the cabinet or walls, you can use a black or granite kitchen countertop.

4. Narrow Colour Choices

If you are confused about the colour choices, then narrow down a few colours. Go to the store, check the colour chips and pick the ones your like. This will help you settle on one thing. With hundreds of choices, you can easily spoil the colour-coding of your kitchen, so it is necessary to narrow it down.

5. Understand Colours

From the above activity, if you decide on 2-3 colours, then it is imperative to understand these colours. You need to understand whether these colours complement each other or not. If not, then you can mess up the design. If they do, then you can create a perfect blend. For instance, grey, white, and black or grey and granite.

6. Integrate Splashback

After selecting the colours, you need to decide whether you want kitchen splashback designs. These designs help you to improve the look of your entire home. You can accentuate your kitchen specifically with the right funky splashback for the kitchen.

However, your colours should match your kitchen splashback design. So, you can even decide on the splashback first and then pair colours with it.

7. Consider Size

The size of your kitchen will affect the colour-coding. This is because a small space will look dark and dingy with colours like black. But, it will look wider and elegant with white. So, opt for lighter shades if your kitchen is small and darker shades if your kitchen is large.

If you have a large kitchen, you can also add relevant accessories to accentuate the interior.

8. Integrate House Interior

Lastly, everything that we discussed above should match your entire house. If your house is modern and subtle but your kitchen is vibrant, then it will be a clear mismatch. In this case, even if your kitchen and the rest of the home are beautiful without each other, together these elements would spoil your interior completely.

To ensure that your kitchen splashback designs are perfect and just right for your home, follow the above tips. Design an outstanding kitchen and tell us about your story in the comments section!

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