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How To Get A Bulletproof Car On A Budget

Author: Jcbl Solutions
by Jcbl Solutions
Posted: Mar 25, 2021
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There is no denying that these are uncertain times. With the pandemic surging on and the economy recovering at a snail’s pace, a rise in criminal and terrorist activities across the globe has been observed. Under such circumstances, it is best to keep up the most optimum precautions and make sure that you and your family are safe. Since cars are the prime target, being vulnerable on the move and easy to spot, getting your hands on a bulletproof car is not a step too far.

It is not just the uber-rich and politicians who need such vehicles. An armoured car is a great asset to have in your possession when in a prickly situation. You never know when an angry mob may come your way when you are out shopping or if someone would discharge a firearm when you make an unscheduled stop in the middle of nowhere. Contrary to popular belief, it is actually easy to get a bulletproof car cost lowered to a reasonable degree. You may not need an impenetrable fortress on wheels. Still, it is a good investment that can mean a difference between being unharmed and, you know, being in any number of nasty situations.

Here are a few ways that can help you get your car armoured up without draining your bank account:

1. Consult a Professional

Before venturing out in the market for a bulletproof car, it is best to gain a bit more insight before restructuring your finances. A confidential consultation with someone who has substantial combat training saves a lot on your armoured car cost. It is also easier to find such a person than you might think. Private security has seen a rapid growth in India.

Professionals in this field can help you determine what you are truly up against and help scale up the specifics for your armoured car. JCBL Armouring Solutions is a good place to start. Not only can they help you draw out plans and paperwork, but can also help to accurately predict the cost of ownership when bulletproofing your car.

2. Tone Down on Brand Value

When trying to buy an armoured car, it is more about keeping it subtle. A cheaper vehicle gives less of a motivation for the potential threat to emerge. The budget of a bulletproof car is also highly dependent on the type of vehicle in question. You need not go high end with your choice of car since most such vehicles prove to be troublesome when retrofitting armoured components.

Moreover, the service cost of the armoured car should be considered. It can skyrocket because the vehicle would most likely remain in constant operation. Try to go for more reliability and better value. For example, in case of a mid-sized crossover, a Toyota Urban Cruiser would be much more beneficial than a BMW X1 or a Mercedes-Benz GLE.

3. Prefer Function over Form

When it comes to ensuring safety, a compromise with a few luxuries is always called for. You need not let go of the air conditioning, but features like a tyre pressure management system and EBD should be prioritized over ambient lighting and a powered sunroof. It not only keeps your bulletproof car on a budget but also makes it difficult to compromise the car’s functions from the outside. Additionally, a few performance enhancements like a firmer suspension and an ECU upgrade would also help with keeping your armoured car on steady wheels.

4. Don’t Try to Diversify

When keeping your armoured car cost low, it is best to stick to a one-stop shop rather than thin out various jobs to different contractors. Going for a comprehensive armour package ensures proper retrofitting and can also lead to great deals and discounts from the service provider. JCBL Armouring Solutions is one such organization that caters to all the needs of your armoured car. They offer a robust maintenance plan on the cars they help armour up and even give out multiple-year warranties to ensure that your safety is never below optimum levels.

5. Look for an Already Armoured Car

Pre-armoured cars are good alternatives to buying a new vehicle and then getting it bulletproofed. You save a lot of time and money in logistics this way, as the bulletproof car is already set up in proper configuration. JCBL Armouring Solutions can help you get such vehicles at decent prices. You can always look over their official website for their inventory.

However, if you are seriously strapped for cash, you can look for pre-owned armoured cars. While Brazil is the country leading the charge in this aspect, many such cars can be found at a low cost in India itself. In addition to those, there is a varied inventory for budget armoured cars in countries such as Malaysia and Taiwan which have fairly low import taxes.

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We are a leading armoured vehicle manufacturer in India with a team of over 25 years of experience in engineering, designing, prototyping and manufacturing of armoured cars and vehicles for the government, military and civilians.

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