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Double eyelid surgery for bigger and better eyes

Author: Samuel Coleman
by Samuel Coleman
Posted: Sep 25, 2014

The main intention of the surgery is to enhance the appearance and beauty of the eyes. It is usually conducted for those people whose eyes appears smaller and covered by the layers of skin both by upper layer and dropping downward layer. The variations in the eyelids make eyes appear drowsy, too widespread, or too far away and does not appear beautiful. The very look of eyes, one of the important features of the face spoils the beauty of facial contour. Therefore, suitable cosmetic surgery will be done to provide necessary alteration required to make them bigger, clearer and better looking eyes.

The surgery can be done by removing overlapping skin layers of the eye or the insider wrinkles of the eye. The inner wrinkle removal and outside fatty layer removal can make eyes brighter and bigger. The very definition of the eyes gets drastically changed with the help of double eyelid surgery. It is known as an Asian eyelid syndrome, where usually Asian people suffer from this particular problem. The lower eyelid crease can be created or it can be removed depending upon the requirement.

This is very minute surgery and surgeons should have good experience and expertise to conduct such a sensitive double eyelid surgery. Apart from being a surgeon, the doctor should be an artist and he should be able to guide patients about the pros and cons of the surgery, and he should explain the limitations of the surgery in detail. An elaborate method is followed in the eye surgery. All the details and method of surgery, the parts which should be removed or added are pre decided and the patient will get the 3D image through scanning and image creation, so that patients know how they are going to look after the surgery is completed.

This has been considered as very sensitive one, since eyes are considered as a very sensitive body part and it is one of the sense organs, if anything goes wrong, the vision will be impaired for life long. Surgeons should get enough training before they attend such a critical surgery. The key to success is to make preparation that is necessary for the eye surgery. The mapping and image creation should be made up to the satisfaction of the patient. The upper eyelid fold, required tension, precise symmetry, all are important and they play a significant role in enhancing the beauty of the eyes.

Depending upon the requirement of the patient, different types of double eyelid surgeries are performed. They are

Buried double eyelid surgery

Partial Incisional double eyelid surgery

The Incisional double eyelid surgery

The final results are obtained by either by removing the fat or skin or by adjusting the skin layers around the eyelids, muscles, fat and connective tissue, adjustment of the eyes to the desired height, everything will be carried out according to a prefixed pattern. The incision and removal of tissues are mainly targeted to remove the adipose tissues present around the eyes. The sagging skin around the eyelids are removed and the thin outer wrinkle is enough to produce beautiful and effective looks. Depending upon the patient’s request and the requirement, the type of surgery will be decided.

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