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Everything you need to know about Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Transplant

Author: Avenues Cosmetic
by Avenues Cosmetic
Posted: Mar 29, 2021
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Hair transplant surgery is an amazing treatment that is used for male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia. Androgenic alopecia is a serious scalp problem that kills the hair roots of your scalp. However, the hairs growing in the back and sides do not fall because of male pattern baldness. Hair transplant surgery is based on this fact. During the hair transplant surgery, the Best hair transplant surgeon in India is supposed to pull out healthy hairs from the back and both sides and transplants the hairs into the bald scalp. generally, the back and both sides of the head are called the donor site. Skills surgeon recognize this region and use the hairs that grow only in this region. Hair transplant surgery is performed with the help of two main techniques called follicular unit transplant and follicular unit extraction. This blog is made to discuss follicular unit extraction that is an effective hair transplant technique. What is the difference between FUT and FUE?In FUT or strip surgery a strip of skin is removed from the donor site to harvest hair roots. After that, harvested hair roots are transplanted to the recipient area. In follicular unit extraction, hair roots are directly harvested from the donor site without removing a strip of skin. Both techniques are effective and used by surgeons to restore the bald area. Procedure of FUEIf your surgeon is sure to treat you with FUE, he will provide a date for the surgery. you have to come to the clinic on the same day. When you arrive at the clinic, the surgeon will start the procedure with local anesthesia. Because of the effect of anesthesia, you would not experience pain or discomfort during the surgery. In the next step, the surgeon will harvest hair roots from the donor site. The number of hair depends on the grade of your baldness. These harvested hairs are transplanted to the recipient area as the next step of the surgery. When you leave the clinic after the surgery, your surgeon provides proper medications with some instructions that you must follow during the recovery period. Benefits of FUE techniqueif your surgeon decides to perform the FUE technique to restore your bald scalp, you will have the following benefits:? Any body part can be used as the donor site? Fast recovery? Only local anesthesia is used by the surgeon? Natural and permanent results after the surgery? Minimum scarring FUE hair transplant costAccording to the hair loss experts, FUE is a costlier hair transplant technique. However, hair loss patients prefer this technique due to its great benefits. Generally, hair transplant surgery depends on several factors like the condition of your scalp, the total number of hair grafts, the reputation of the clinic, the experience of the surgeon etc. Finally, FUE is a great technique for hair transplant but you need Best Hair transplant doctor in India if you are looking for favorable results. You can know more about the hair transplant surgery by visiting the Avenues hair loss clinic. For More Information Click Here@ No: +91-8085883743Email Id: care@avenuescosmetic.comAddress: 210, 2nd Floor, 'I' The Address, Opp HCG Cancer Hospital,Science City Road Sola Ahmedabad- 380059.

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Dr. Kinnar Kapadia, a Gold Medalist in Plastic Surgery, is a Board Certified and experienced Cosmetic surgeon. He is considered as the best hair specialist in ahmedabad.

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