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Top Web Application Development Trends 2021

Author: Webomind Apps
by Webomind Apps
Posted: Mar 30, 2021
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Every business nowadays frequently gets in touch with a web application development company to develop their business app. The reason is simple - it lets them target smartphone users, increase potential customers, sales, revenue, etc. Of course, you may be aware of all these benefits. But, only a few of us know what a web app is.

Well, the answer is – a web application is basically a dynamic website that one can easily combine with server-side programming. It enables web applications in interacting with users, access databases, and produce outcomes for browsers.

You can get several examples for web applications, be it online booking, social networking, online reservation, online forums, interactive games, etc.

When it comes to coding for web applications, most web application development companies perform two different types of coding, including client-side and server-side.


This is an important type of code that the browser is responsible for interpreting and also executing. And the most interesting thing about it that visitors of every site will be able to visualize it. All they need to do is just click on the view source in the view menu. Some popular client-side scripting technologies are CSS, HTML, jQuery, Dojo Toolkit, JavaScript, etc.

Server Side

In this, a web server is responsible for the execution and also the interpretation of coding. It is indeed visible to those of the general public and also those of website visitors. Some popular coding technologies for the server-side are ColdFusion, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Zend Framework, ASP, ASP.NET, etc.

A reputed web app development company can handles all these efficiently and develops a highly secure, feature-packed, and engaging web application for your business. All you need to do is to get in touch with them.


While developing a web application, a web application development company gets multiple frameworks to choose from. The sole purpose of leveraging the framework is that it enables both designers and developers to concentrate on developing a unique feature even without modifying the code.

The other purpose of the framework is to improve the performance and efficiency of your web application. Let’s discuss here some popular web application development frameworks.

Ruby on Rails

While talking about web app development frameworks, it’s good to start from none other than Ruby on Rails. It’s a fast-growing server-side web app framework. Based on model-view-controller (MVC), the framework offers a complete default structure for everything be it web service, web page, or database.


It’s another top-notch framework for those web application development companies. The main purpose of this web app development framework was for productivity and also helps developers in performing their tasks in the easiest way and without spending much time on it.

CakePHPAs an open-source platform, CakePHP needs less coding and also brings the possibility of making web development simple and quick. As the name suggests, it is programmed with PHP language. It comes with numerous advantages such as trustable security constraints, MVC coding pattern, scaffolding code generation.


If you are in search of a high-performing web application development framework, you should go with none other than Phalcon. As an open-source framework, one doesn’t need to purchase any kind of license for using it. It is available with innovative architecture and also the lowest overhead for those applications based on MVC.


As an object-oriented framework, Zend is known for its great capacity for supporting a variety of databases. The framework also comes with numerous advantages such as a flexible caching subsystem, modular framework, extensible MVC implementation supporting layout, etc.

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