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Types Of Switch Gear In Electrical System

Author: Ats Generator
by Ats Generator
Posted: Apr 01, 2021
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Before searching for electrical switch gear companies in UAE, you must get knowledge about this segment. Switchgear is the apparatus used to control, regulate, and turn on/off the electrical circuit in the electrical power system. The examples of switchgear devices are:

  • Circuit breaker
  • Control panel
  • Power switches
  • Fuses
  • Relays
  • Potential and current transformer
  • Isolator
  • Lightning arresters

The switchgear manufacturing companies in UAE produce the best systems for installation at home or commercial buildings. The main power supply of any place consists of the whole switchgear system. It is placed on the low and high voltage side of the transformer. It is majorly used for de-energization of the equipment for maintenance, testing, or fault clearance.

In case of any fault occurring in the power system, there could be a chance of heavy current flowing through the device due to which it has a higher chance to get damaged. This interrupts the services and hence, the line gets interrupted. There are many ways to protect the generators, transformers, lines, and other electrical equipment from automated damage protection devices or simply, switchgear devices.

The automated protective switchgear consists of two parts:

Relay: This comes into operation when the fault occurs in any section of the system

Circuit breaker: The closure of the circuit for disconnection or breaking occurs for the faulty section

The protective switchgear can interrupt the faulty segment and the healthy section continues working in the usual mode without any interruption or damaging any equipment. The generators repairing in Sharjah is done by the experts to deal with any issues in the circuits and there is a complete change in the switchgear by the generator maintenance company in UAE.

Types of Switchgear

Switchgear power systems can differ as per the factors such as system location, power requirement, and the necessary security. There are different types of switchgear power systems with their characteristics and the switch gear manufacturing companies in UAE produce the most effective type of systems for various uses.

There are mainly two types of switchgear:

  • Outdoor type: It is used for voltage over 66 kV. Due to the higher voltage, the building work gets a redundant increase in installation costing due to the large space between the conductor and the huge size of the insulators.
  • Indoor type: It is used for voltage levels below 66 kV. There is no difficulty in providing the building work for the switchgear at optimum costing. The electrical switch gear companies in UAE manufacture indoor switchgear that is metallic and compact. Due to this reason, there is a reduction in the safety clearance for operation and hence, there is a lesser requirement of the area.

There are Gas-Insulated switchgear systems available now that are insulated by the pressurized sulfur hexafluoride gas. There are other types also available, such as vacuum and oil-insulated switchgear and these are used differently for various purposes.

How does switchgear work?

Switchgear includes the electrical disconnect switches, circuit breakers, and fuses for controlling and protecting the isolated electrical equipment. It can de-energize the equipment for allowing the work to be done and clear the faults.

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