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Consider Regenerative Cell Therapy for your common shoulder problems

Author: George Campbell
by George Campbell
Posted: Apr 02, 2021

Remember, there is a price tag for your shoulder mobility. Weakness, instability, and impingement of the tissues in your shoulder may induce pain. Initially, you will experience pain while moving your shoulder. Later, you will have this pain all the time. It might be temporary or permanent.

Hence, this article lists out the common causes of shoulder pain that requires urgent medical attention.

What are the common shoulder problems?

Most of the shoulder problems fall in these major categories

  1. Shoulder arthritis

  2. Bursitis

  3. Tendinitis

  4. Tendon tear

  5. Impingement

  6. Instability

  7. Fracture

Other less common causes may include infection, nerve problems, and tumour.

Shoulder arthritis

The common type of shoulder arthritis is osteoarthritis. It is otherwise called ‘wear and tear’ arthritis. This condition is related to work injuries, chronic wear and tear jobs, and sports. Other types may include joint inflammation and rotator cuff tear. You will experience pain, joint stiffness, and restriction in your joint movements.


Bursa is a small sac filled with fluid in the shoulder. It acts as a cushion and reduces the friction between bones and the surrounding soft tissues. Excessive use of your shoulder causes pain, swelling, and inflammation, which causes bursitis. You will even face difficulty in doing daily activities like hair combing and getting dressed.


Tendon connects a muscle with bone. Inflammation of this tendon in your shoulder causes tendinitis. This condition might be acute or chronic. Overhead activities or throwing of balls may cause acute tendinitis. Degenerative conditions like wear and tear due to ageing may cause chronic tendonitis. Mostly, it’s the rotator cuff tendon that often gets affected. Hence, you will experience instability and restricted shoulder movements.

Tendon tear

Acute injury, sudden injury, ageing, wear and tear, or long-term overuse may tear your shoulder tendons. This tear may be partial or complete. Both rotator cuff and biceps tendons are more prone to this tear.


When you lift your arm, the shoulder blade’s upper part will pressure the underlying soft tissues. Hence, there will be severe rubbing or impingement. And, this condition may lead to tendinitis and bursitis. You may experience severe pain and limited shoulder movements.


Shoulder instability occurs due to overuse or a sudden injury. Hence, the upper part of the arm bone comes out of the shoulder socket. This shoulder dislocation may be partial or complete.

If the surrounding muscles, tendons, and ligaments become loose, you may experience repetitive dislocation. You will undergo pain and weakness while raising your arm or moving it. The repetitive episodes of dislocation may increase the risk of developing shoulder arthritis.


A fracture means broken bones. Shoulder fracture may occur on the collar bone, shoulder blade, or upper arm bone. Motor vehicle accident, contact sports injury, or the fall from the height may lead to shoulder fracture. And this condition causes bruising, severe pain, and swelling.

Does Medica Stem Cells Clinic offer PRP treatment in the UK for shoulder problems?

Yes. Our Medica Stem Cells Clinic offers regenerative cell therapy for all shoulder problems. It includes cellular therapy and PRP (Platelets-Rich Plasma) treatment in the UK.

Medications, physical therapy, steroids, and surgery temporarily mask your symptoms. But they do not treat their underlying cause. Moreover, they have few complications.

Regenerative cell therapy provides natural and permanent outcomes, unlike the above listed conventional methods. PRP treatment not only masks the symptoms but also treats the underlying causes. Moreover, this therapy uses only your blood cells. Hence, you won’t experience any risk of allergy or rejection.

Our Medica Stem Cells Clinic offers physical therapy and nutritional therapy as well. We always recommend personalised combinational therapy to speed up the healing process of your shoulder injuries. However, the combination varies depending on your condition.

Schedule an appointment immediately. Contact Medica Stem Cells clinic in London at 020 8 168 2000 or in Ireland at 01 298 8000 to know more about these regenerative therapies in detail.

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