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Few Important Facts about Physician Incorporation Benefits

Author: Antonio Evans
by Antonio Evans
Posted: Sep 26, 2014

Incorporation of business is one of the best options to save heavy taxes in a legal way. There are many incorporation hubs in the world, which offer tax benefits that attract many businesses including professional like physicians. Quebec is Canada’s one of the largest incorporation for physicians. Physician incorporation benefits are many, but you need to understand few very important ones, so that when you consult with firms providing incorporation services, you don’t look lame. It is always better to have additional knowledge.

What is Physician Incorporation?

Physician incorporation is formation of a separate legal identifiable entity for a company, in order to earn money by practicing medical practice of physicians.

It is important to understand physician incorporation benefits include freedom for company to sign contracts, purchase and invest in properties, earn an active income and pay direct taxes.

Corporation bodies are authorized to share their profits with employers or shareholders as salary and dividends respectively.

Why You Should Incorporate Your Physician Practice?

Believe it or not, physician incorporation benefits are many and it is one reason why many businesses opt for incorporation.

  • Lower income tax rates – As an incorporation you are taxed marginal in comparison to any individual physician. The rate of income tax for incorporation companies can be as low as less than the half of tax paid by individual physicians.
  • Income tax deferrals – For corporation companies tax rates in most places is around and below 15% of the total taxable income. However, this rate for any individual can be upto more that 40% of the income. This creates a big gap of 20-25%, which varies from territory to territory. You can keep your income in capacity of your corporations and use it for investment purpose while enjoying the big money savers in deferrals.
  • Income splitting – This is another very important clause of tax saving option. Physician incorporation benefits are tremendous with this interesting taxing concept for incorporations. If you are paying income to your spouse or children out of your income which no doubt must be authentic and reasonable for qualifying for income splitting where tax is calculated on the lower income scale.

After understanding these concepts, you must learn as when to go for incorporation.

When to Go for Incorporation?

Though, it is recommended to get incorporation, however there are some considerations which will help you to decide as when to go for incorporation. Here are few:

  • You have funds available for funding and investment.
  • If you have other family earning members who receive a lower salary. It will help in splitting the income.
  • Incorporation is very wise solution when your stakes i.e. debts and capital costs are relatively higher.

How to Incorporate?

Physician incorporation benefits are numerous and therefore you must consider various factors which are prerequisite for registration as incorporation. You can register your company for incorporation by applying to concerned incorporation judiciary in the prescribed forms available at the incorporation websites or through trademark legal services website which can help you to set up your incorporation.

These are very important for anyone to know and understand.

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Antonio Evans advises healthcare professionals to have physician incorporation benefits in Québec, Canada. He suggests the name of – a specialized company that helps doctors.

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