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Why Should You Use a Child Custody Lawyer?

Author: David L Martin
by David L Martin
Posted: Apr 08, 2021
child custody

Divorcing parents are fighting harder than ever to keep their children’s lives as smooth and stress-free as possible in what can be very turbulent times. With their children’s best interest at heart, many parents seek legal counsel to handle and work out any custody disputes. In this article, we will go over why you should hire a lawyer to assist you with your child custody case in Nassau County, NY.

Many parents going through a divorce or separation are not in the right headspace to decide what is best for their child. Therefore, they seek advice from everyone and anyone they can, including former couples who have experienced similar challenges and even people with no real knowledge or insight into the matter. However, you should only seek the assistance of a qualified and experienced Nassau County child custody lawyer to help you get through the ordeal and resolve your child custody issues.

When it comes to handling divorce or child custody disputes, Nassau County lawyers often get a bad rep. But the reality is that most divorce and/or child custody lawyers only have their clients’ best interests at heart and do not want to see a squabble over a child or children any more than the parents do. As you decide on your children’s custody, you should always give top priority to reaching a fair, balanced custody arrangement. A Nassau County child custody lawyer will bring years of experience and expertise to the table and will be able to create a level-headed forum in which civil dialogue can persist, and a fair and reasonable decision can be made.

No matter how much you want your children’s physical and legal custody, you must understand that doing what is best for your children should take precedence over what you want. Many child custody cases end in a heated conflict between parents, which impacts their children more than they realize. A smooth and timely settlement will lessen the strain on the divorcing couple’s strained relationship and will be much easier on their children. The sooner the decision is made and the less animosity between the couple, the smoother the transition to an unfamiliar setting or circumstances would seem for the child. A Nassau County child custody lawyer will do everything possible to ensure that this outcome is given priority as the former couple negotiates their custody arrangement.

Sad as it is, divorce proceedings often end in the aforementioned bitter rivalry. While the parents are certainly upset with the state of affairs (after all, who wants to live their life being bitter?), the children are almost always the ones to bear the brunt of it. Seeing their parents split up messily is a stressful and traumatizing ordeal for a young child. No child should be forced to take sides and witness their parents’ resentment towards one another. This is why going to a Nassau County divorce lawyer for assistance is a wise choice as it will help you settle any custody disputes and help you reach a fair and reasonable arrangement.

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David L. Martin, Esq.​ has more than 33 years of experience in handling divorce and family law cases, with a great track record of winning cases.

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