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Fibres and Fabrics pull out an Excellent Texture in Textiles

Author: Lee, Hyeri
by Lee, Hyeri
Posted: Sep 26, 2014

Experiments know no bounds. The textile industry is one of the realms witnessing massive range of products everyday as results of extensive researches. While clothing for both men and women is gradually changing in concept with excellent discoveries of fibres and fabrics, there are some fine and blended yards of threads that will always be the favourites in the apparel industry. It is not hard to find an apparel company offering you blended fabrics and diverse fabric qualities in favourable options, but the best of all offers you qualities with no compromises. In this context, Songitextile Co., Ltd., is the name that finds its place amongst textile giants for its unique corporate philosophy of captivating you with high-quality woven fabrics applied with excellent chemical fibres and quality spun yarns.

Nylon mixed fabric finds its usage dating back to the past, though its application has grown amazingly with the passage of time. Today, it is a very popular material and is used widely in the textile industry, not just meant for clothing but other accessories too.

The many advantages of Nylon Fabric

Fabrics mixed with nylon have excellent tear and burst strength, high tensile value and low fabric weight with fabulous uniformity. Besides, the quality is chemical resistant, which means that the fine fibres and yarns of threads that goes into the knitting and crocheting of the material does not get damaged by attacks of alkalies, solvents and dilute acids. Besides, the fabrics are thermal resistant and breathe in air to allow the wearer feel absolutely at ease wearing clothing made out of the material.

Air permeability is one of its vitals characteristics that aids in performance of the material as air filters. Also, nylon is resistant to gamma radiation, thus maintaining important physical properties even after irradiation. Also, its strong and elastic qualities make it absolutely fit for designing women’s stockings and underwear for both men and women. Since, nylon is a commercially successful synthetic fibre and the ability of nylon fabric to take dyes easily adds to its popularity.

In today’s modern scenario, designers are digging our innovative and new fabrics to include in both men’s and women’s garments, underwear, etc. Pulling variety of colors, patterns and textures in one material can be a tricky job. Nonetheless, the specialty about nylon is that it is able to absorb dye easily helping customers with a wide range of colors available in it. The demand of yarn dyed nylon fabrics is observed worldwide, given its variety in appeal and its slew of advantages.

Songitextile Co., Ltd is recognised as a sought-after yarn dyed nylon fabric manufacturer in Korea, and it boasts of uncompromising quality with excellence in it. With a number of innovative techniques coming to the forefront, the textile world is gradually scaling the ladder with its inventive and rigorously improving processes so as to include new versions of fabric qualities with improvisations on those that already exist. Of the deluge of garment companies having a niche in the market, this two way spandex manufacturer in Korea believes in filling your senses with what is the best. After all, fabrics should not only be fabulous to look at but also be excellent in texture, so its feeling on your body brings maximum comfort and ease.

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SONGITEXTILE CO., LTD is a leading fabric manufacturer in korea offering a wide range of products from fabric including high quality mixed fabric, eco-friendly and dress materials.

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