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Confused about playschools?

Author: Ayesha Exopic
by Ayesha Exopic
Posted: Apr 09, 2021
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Making major decisions about the education of your child can be quite gruelling. One can not think about initiating the education of their child with a mistake and this builds extra pressure, especially over young parents. Deciding about enrolling your child at playschool is one such decision. Parents are usually confused about the age at which they should enroll their children at play schools. However, many of them are also confused about sending their children to play school at all. The traditional home-based learning environment has been replaced by play or pre-schools these days and many of the parents today never attended a play school themselves. Therefore, the relevance of play schools comes with a big question mark. The frequently asked question remains: Is play school necessary for nursery admission?

When it comes to rules and guidelines, a play school is not necessary for nursery admission. However, one can not completely disregard the relevancy of play-schools. Let us take a look at the positive aspects of sending your child to a play school:

  1. A play school marks the stepping stone for your child’s education. Though it does not follow a prescribed educational curriculum, a play school can help a child to socialise and make friends before entering a gruelling curriculum in the nursery.
  2. The modern nuclear family structure does not support great child-rearing as the child does not get ample opportunity to interact with people apart from their parents. This could turn your child into an introvert at a very early stage. A play school can provide your child with an environment where they can learn to interact and have fun with other children of their age.
  3. A play school comes with the idea of fun integrated learning. This can help to develop a positive attitude in the child towards learning.
  4. Playschool is a boon for working parents as it provides a safe environment to grow. Parents can head to their work tension-free. A good preschool provides the surety of a safe learning environment.
  5. A preschool helps develop the habit of routine in your child at a young age. Developing this routine is quite crucial as this has to be maintained for a major portion of their life ahead.
  6. A majority of parents send their children to play school. Not sending your child to a preschool might set him/her a step backwards.

Hence, even though it is not mandatory to send your child to a play school one has to carefully consider the question: Is preschool necessary for nursery admission necessary? While making this decision, one also has to cautiously consider the age at which you should send your child to playschool. Each child grows at his/her own unique pace and sending them prematurely away from you could be a mistake. Therefore, take proper measures to prepare your child physically and mentally for a few hours without you every day.Choosing a good playschool is also a very major decision. Nothing but the best care should be provided for your child at such a tender age. You can opt for The Summit School, the best pre primary schools in Kolkata. The school ensures a safe environment with a trained and friendly faculty that can help your child blossom beautifully. Admissions are open. Get your child enrolled at the Summit school, the best pre-primary school in Kolkata.

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Author: Ayesha Exopic

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