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Gancube – A popular puzzle brand among speedcubers

Author: Joe Crawford
by Joe Crawford
Posted: Apr 07, 2021
gans 356

Gancube A popular puzzle brand among speedcubers

In 2014, Gans was introduced as a company, as Gancube, with Ganyuan Jiang still being the sole owner. Beginning from that time, Gans has become popular, even their sky-high prices are made fun of and becoming a meme on cubing forums and its so-called discussion pages.

In cubing hardware, they have pioneered few great advances especially 3x3 since 2011. This includes fitting magnets in 3x3s, the first elasticity system (GES), the first interchangeable magnets (GMS), and cube presentation. For putting magnets, they collaborated with Cubicle Labs to make the Gan 356 Air UM. Gans’ innovations include GES v3, GES+, IPG v5, GAN Box v5, Numerical IPG, GMS v1, Honeycomb v2, and GANINFINITY.

Gans 356

Years back, Gans 356 was launched in the early part of 2015. This cube is a smaller upgrade over 357, which debuted screws in every piece; edges, corners, and centers. At this time, many people came to know about Gans brand- due to this cube’s effortless corner-cutting anywhere – about 50 degrees and 30 reverse, making lockups almost unheard of. It also came with the same smooth feel like 357. However, the prominent crankiness and flimsiness had been ended newly. The 356 also launched the first version of the GAM box V1. Some cubers highlighted some noticeable issues on the cube, but there controversy exists in the views. The general consensus is that the factory issues were different on different cubes, so different cubers had different out-of-the-box opinions.

Gans 356S

It was launched in May 2015. The Gans 356S was a Gans 356 with a unique ridge design on the pieces. Well, this was soon stopped coming but the reasons were never told. And the 356 V2 was launched in its place.

Gans 356S V2

It was rolled out in December 2015. Gans 356S V2 was actually an upgraded Gans 356S. There were four variants were introduced: the 356S V2, 356S V2 Lite, 356S V2 Master, and 356S V2 Advanced.

Gans 356 Air

In August 2016, the Gans 356 Air was launched. This cube was intended to retain the buttery smooth feeling of other 356 variants and make it lighter, soundless, and easier to turn. It was the first cube to use the original dual-adjustment system called GansElasticity (GES) allowing users to swap out the springs to adjust the feel of the cube by changing the spring compression between eight versions. Originally, clear nuts were being offered as a choice but many of the cubers use green or yellow. It was much quiet, quick, and buttery when compared to its main rival, the MoYuAoLong V2. It was inscribed by Max Park, FeliksZemdegs and Sebastian Weyer, and other popular speedcubers.

Gan 356 Air SM

In October 2018, GAN rolled out a new 3x3 called the Gan 356 Air SM 2019. The GAN 356 Air SM was a highly appreciated successor to the GAN 356 Air UM. A few changes transformed the crunchy and loud UM into a soft and smooth cube.

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