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Jeans: The Wonder Clothing!

Author: Ayesha Exopic
by Ayesha Exopic
Posted: Apr 11, 2021

A pair of jeans is an indispensable part of the modern wardrobe. However, the piece of clothing has quite a long and rich history that dates back to nearly 200 years. Jeans were first manufactured as a uniform for blue-collar workers in the wake of the industrial revolution in the US. Fabric provider Levi Strauss from Germany and American tailor Jacob W. Davis realised the need of the hour and came up with the idea of a pair of jeans that could be worn by blue-collar workers during the Gold Rush. Jeans acquired its name from the Italian city Genoa, known to have provided the first cotton corduroy fabric which was used to make a pair of jeans. This fabric was dyed using Indigo that was used to be exported from India itself. This short history proves that a pair of jeans brought together three different continents together. In this age and day too, it stands as a global outfit which is worn by people from almost all ethnicities, caste, creed, or religion.A pair of jeans is without any doubt, the most versatile piece of clothing. You can style it in various ways and create multiple kinds of looks. You can go for baggy jeans and create a cool bohemian kind of look or go for a pair of ripped jeans and create a hot or seductive kind of appearance. You can don a pair of jeans to a semi-formal setting or go for a comfortable casual and relaxed look with a regular fit and a t-shirt. Whatever your mood or setting is, a pair of jeans can be styled according to it. Because of these utility attributes, jeans have never made it out of the fashion couture. Designers all over the world have experimented with a pair of jeans to create the most spectacular looks every season. Every season, there come different types of cuts, fits, and a variety of different shades for the outfit.

It is not a surprise that jeans have become a kind of wonder clothing. What used to stand as a symbol of oppression over the coloured blue-collar workers in the US has been established as a permanent position holder in the fashion industry. The irony does not end here. The most expensive pair of jeans to be announced to date is priced at 1.3 Billion dollars. It is quite amusing how far this clothing item has come from its origin in 1873. Despite much hype, we have a pair of jeans sold at cheap, affordable, and high street prices as well. Therefore, one can say that a pair of jeans is for everyone.

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Author: Ayesha Exopic

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