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Wheat Silage Benefits - The Importance of Silage

Author: Sahil Anand
by Sahil Anand
Posted: Apr 12, 2021
wheat silage

Silage is very important for farmers. Since all farms work the same way where the farm has some cattle on it, which need to be fed and taken care of, and in return, they either become or produce goods that are of value to the farm.

There are various feeds and fodders available out there and that makes uneducated farmers confuse as to which one is right, although each fodder or feed has some pros and cons, still, silage has less of those cons.

This article will tell one how wheat silage, one of the many available silages is good for cattle and overall good for the farm and the farmers themselves.

Benefits of wheat silage

Fall cover crop: - Wheat silage is a fall cover crop, fall cover crops are the ones that a farmer grows after all summer crops have been planted. It can be grazed by cattle without them damaging the field or the crop is sown for the next spring.

Easily stored: - Wheat silage can be easily stored by farmers in silos, the silage bales are shaped and sized in such a way that they can be stored either upright or horizontally. This solves the issues that farmers face during storage management. Plus it has a longer shelf life of up to 18 months which is a long time as compared to other fodders.

Fulfills the lack of other silages: - Farmers can use wheat silage as a meantime crop when they have run out of other silages and the crops that they grew for silages are not ready to be harvested yet. This means that the cattle will not starve in any situation.

Indirectly increase milk yield: - If used properly with other grains or even corn silage, wheat silage can indirectly help increasing milk production in dairy cattle or aid corn silage in the same. More milk means more profits and a better farm in that aspect wheat silage is also good.

Efficient field space utilization: - Wheat silage can be easily double-cropped meaning, it can be grown with other crops in the same field and the same year, this means that the farmers can grow a different kind of crops at the same time, all of which have different purposes, this leads to efficient and smart utilization of available field space.

Wheat silage has more protein: - It has 2% higher protein than corn silage, which is equivalent to 40% of the protein in a protein supplement, a farmer can use corn silage and wheat silage together for a complete cattle diet.

Affordable: - Wheat silage is affordable for farmers with high as well as low income. This means that they can buy in bulk for the entire year and use its long shelf life, instant feedout capability, and easy storage feature to their advantage.

Silage Agro Private Limited is a farmer’s number 1 stop to buy Wheat Silage as they make the best quality silage in Punjab, Gujarat, Rajasthan, and many other states of India.

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