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Fix Paper Jam Issue in Canon Printer

Author: Dana Joyce
by Dana Joyce
Posted: Apr 12, 2021

Paper jam is one of the most common problems on printers. This can occur on any printer, but in the article, we will discuss how you can quickly eliminate the paper jam issue on a Canon printer. When a piece of paper is stuck inside your printer, your Canon printer will start malfunctioning. In some cases, you can clear the paper jam by pulling out a paper by hand, but you will not be able to do it in some cases. If you ever encounter the situation, you can try out the methods given below and quickly eliminate the paper jam issue in your Canon printer. Below is how to eliminate the paper jam in a Canon printer.

Things to Keep in Mind While You Try to Fix the Issue

When you face the paper jam issue on your Canon printer, you need to avoid doing the following:

  • If papers are badly stuck inside the printer, avoid pulling it out as this may cause damage to your Canon printer.
  • Avoid inserting a needle-like object to remove the stuck piece of paper.

Note: No particular skill is required to clear the paper jam. If you find yourself in doubt, you can contact the Canon support team to resolve this issue.

How to Avoid the Paper Jam Issue

Every problem has its roots. If you do not let the roots prosper, the problem can never be big. In the same way, the paper jam problem has its origins. We have mentioned the ways to avoid the appear a jam issue. Do the following:

  • Avoid filling the paper tray to full capacity.
  • Clean the paper feed rollers once a week.
  • Avoid loading the damp papers and paper of inferior quality in your Canon printer.

Note: If you follow the instructions above, you will not face the paper jam on your Canon printer.

Steps to Fix the Paper Jam Issue

If you face the error code, you can quickly fix it with the help of the steps provided below. Follow these instructions:

  1. Turn off your Canon printer.
  2. Wait for some minutes and turn the printer back on.
  3. Sometimes, the paper jam will be automatically removed at the time of the power cycle.
  4. If the issue still persists, turn the Canon printer off and detach the power cable from the main power supply.
  5. Now, you need to take out toner cartridges and a paper access tray so that you can quickly clear the paper jam.
  6. Make sure to remove any paper as gently as you can.
  7. If you don’t see any paper, look at the access hatch in the printer’s back panel.
  8. Now, remove the pieces of paper stuck. Avoid putting force on the printer rollers while doing so.
  9. If you notice any foreign objects inside the printer, you need to remove them.
  10. Use a blower or vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and dirt inside the printer. The process will fix the paper jam.
Things to Do When the Paper is Jammed Inside the Printer Fuser

If a piece of paper is stuck inside the printer fuser, it may not be possible for you to reach the paper using your fingers. Try to remove the piece of paper with the help of pincers. Ensure that no scratches should occur on a printer, as this may negatively affect the printing quality. In this way, you can quickly fix the paper jam issue on a Canon printer.


Canon printer users can get rid of the paper jam issue on their Canon printer with the methods mentioned above. We hope you find the solutions useful.


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