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Cloud based LinkedIn Automation Tool: Why You Should Use One

Author: Ali Khan
by Ali Khan
Posted: Apr 12, 2021
based linkedin

Whether it’s B2B or B2C, leads are essential for a business to keep running. Marketers invest in multiple lead generation channels and tools that can feed enough leads at the top of marketing channels. One such platform is LinkedIn. With millions of ideal prospects on this platform, it has become the number 1 platform for lead generation. That’s why marketers are investing in cloud based LinkedIn automation tools to find their ideal leads on LinkedIn.

No doubt that there are other social media platforms. However, the surveys have shown that LinkedIn comes on the top when it comes to the average conversion rate. That’s why it has become an essential part of the B2B marketing strategy. Let’s understand why marketers prefer advanced cloud-based LinkedIn automation tools to generate leads with safety.

Why Are Cloud-based LinkedIn Tools So Important?

1. 100% Safe Campaigns

When it comes to running automated campaigns on LinkedIn, safety is the top concern. It’s because many users got their accounts blocked in the past as they were using tools that spam.

They were using a chrome-based extension that keeps sending connect requests and templated messages without filtration. However, the best cloud-based LinkedIn automation tools are 100% safe to use.

They provide dedicated IPs and keep the login details secure. Thus, LinkedIn cannot detect your activities.

2. Provide the human touch

Now, this is where cloud-based LinkedIn automation tools outweigh other tools. They come with inbuilt safety limit features that enable users to set daily limits for account activities.

With the latest cloud-based LinkedIn automation tools, you can set limits for the following activities:

  • Profile Engagement/Day

  • Connection Requests/Day

  • Messages/Day

  • InMails/Day

If your account is not fully established, start small. The tool will automatically increase the limits with time and LinkedIn can’t detect if it is a human or an automation tool. Moreover, cloud-based LinkedIn automation tools perform activities after regular intervals thus mimicking human behavior.

3. Increased ROI

This is the most obvious reason why B2B businesses are investing in the top cloud-based LinkedIn automation tools 2021. They run 100% safe and successful campaigns. As there is a direct contact between the leads you connect and the ROI. Advanced cloud-based LinkedIn automation tools help you reach ideal business leads, which means more business opportunities and more ROI.

4. Ease-of-use:

The best cloud based LinkedIn automation tools run from a cloud system and they run campaigns 24/7. Unlike other LinkedIn automation tools that run from the front end and require monitoring, top cloud-based LinkedIn automation tools do it all for you. Just start a campaign and then you can go to a party, or sleep. Tools like LinkedCamp have a simple and easy-to-use interface that makes prospecting the easiest job.

5. Targeting the Right Customers

To run a successful campaign, you have to list out the right people to target and provide them the right offer. All of your marketing efforts will go in vain if you keep targeting random people and attracting the wrong leads. Advanced cloud-based LinkedIn automation tools come with filters that help you find the right prospects that can be your potential clients in the future. These tools help to scale your marketing efforts.

6. Send Personalized Messages

Personalization has become essential to run successful campaigns. It’s because prospects reject the templated messages right away. They don’t want to read sales-y pitches.

To run a successful campaign, you have to send them highly personalized messages as per their interests. The latest cloud-based LinkedIn automation tools come with features to send highly personalized messages that ultimately increase your acceptance and response rate.


Cloud-based LinkedIn automation tools are becoming popular among B2B marketers for all good reasons. You can choose one based on running 100% safe campaigns. Select a tool that has everything that we have described above.

Good luck!

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Hi, I'm Ali working in the field of Digital Marketing. Currently working for a company named "LinkedCamp" as an Seo Executive. I spend my free time watching Netflix, Youtube, and playing video games.

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  • Guest  -  4 months ago

    That's right! Safety is the top concern for marketers like me and I also prefer cloud-based tools such as LinkedCamp. I am using it right now to run safe campaigns.

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