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Welcome to America with EB-5 Visa Investment Programs

Author: Sarah Kahlon
by Sarah Kahlon
Posted: Apr 12, 2021
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The path to living and working in the U.S. becomes easier for the wealthy class as now they have the advantage of investing money in the EB-5 investor program of the U.S. When it comes to investing a large amount of money in the commercial projects of the U.S., many people search for the best immigration lawyer near me from their end.

Simply put a huge amount of money and risk involved in the program requires every one of us to take expert advice before making the big move. However, many complexities can be understood only with the help of immigration officers but in this article, we will give you an idea about how America welcomes its immigrants through EB-5 visa happily.

What is EB-5 Visa?

If you have an EB-5 visa then the U.S. allows you to invest in the regional center investment projects by putting a minimum amount of money in the projects. The only catch is that you have to invest and someone else will manage it. Investing in an EB-5 program is a somewhat cheaper and easier way to get a U.S. green card too. Under this program, the investor’s money is tied up for 5 years until it gets qualified to rebate to the investor.

Requirement for participating in the program3

  • For participating in the EB-5 investor program an immigrant investor has to fulfill certain requirements as described by the USCIS.
  • An EB-5 investor is required to invest in a commercial project in the U.S.
  • The investment in the project must create at least 10 full-time job creations for qualifying employees.
  • A full-time job means that the qualifying workers must be given employment for 35 hours per week.
  • A shared arrangement between two qualifying employees will also be considered full-time if the arrangement meets the hourly target hours per week.
  • In addition to this, seasonal or temporary jobs created through the investment will not fall in the category of full-time jobs.
  • You can be a passive investor of EB-5 while remaining on the E2 visa.

Other Key Points

In the capacity of an investor, a prior analysis of the financial position of the investor is important. Normally the wealthy class qualifies for investing in the EB-5 visa programs.

An investor has two choices: either invest money in direct form or indirect form. In the direct form, the investor can invest in his own business, and in the indirect form, the investor has the option of investing in the regional center projects.

The investor needs to understand the complex taxation system of the U.S. before deciding to invest in the EB-5 programs. It is recommended to take the help of tax consultants to avoid any confusion further.


Once you have made your investment under the rules of USCIS and have successfully met all regulations you are ready to enter the U.S. with full ease. Moreover, after the final establishment of your business in the U.S or the project investment, whichever path you choose, you become eligible for applying to the U.S. green card too.

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