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Pet Euthanasia at Home: Know When It’s Time & What to Expect

Author: Garry Thompson
by Garry Thompson
Posted: Apr 17, 2021
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Losing a pet is one of the most difficult incidents in a person’s life. It is often said that the death of a pet is worse than the death of one’s close relatives. This might sound cruel to some people but it’s certainly a cold truth. Pets are a very small part of our life, but for them, we are their whole life. Coming to a point in your life where you have to take such a decision can be heart-wrenching. People feel like they are letting their pets down by giving them such an immoral death. Such decisions are only being taken when the pet suffers a lot and nothing can prevent or help him to live longer.

What Happens When You Finally Put Your Pet to Sleep?

The process of understanding that you might put your aging or ill pet to rest can be difficult and you might have a lot of questions in your mind. Is it time? Will it hurt? Can it be done at home? Can the family be beside the pet during this process?

So, getting the correct vet can help you do pet euthanasia at home. By knowing certain facts, you and your family can understand the process and be at peace.

The Correct Time

While some pets die eventually when they age, some are there who fall seriously ill or injure themselves and it becomes impossible to keep them alive. In such a situation you must consult your home visit vet who can help you deal with the difficult situation. Discuss with the veterinarian, he is the best one to give you the advice. In some extreme cases, the vet himself declares that it is the correct time to put your pet to rest; but in other cases, it is up to the owner to decide based on the pet’s attitude and behavior and of course, physical condition. Here are a few signs that can help you decide that it is the correct time.

  • A point of time when your pet is experiencing chronic pain that no longer can be controlled with medicines.
  • Your pet is continuously vomiting and suffering from diarrhea that causes dehydration and weight loss.
  • When he/she stops eating and only eats when forced to feed.
  • When he/she incontinently soils himself.
  • He/she suddenly loses interest in his favorite activities that include going to walk, playing in the park, eating his favorite treats. When he/she cannot stand any longer and feels tired all the time.
Get Prepared

Pet euthanasia at home is quite common as well as in the veterinarian’s office. Few pet parents agree to do this at home. So, if you want to do this at home then you need to research properly. If you have small children at home, try to explain the whole process to them. It is very important for the child to properly understand the whole matter as such an incident can leave a lifelong effect on their mind.

The Process

You must sit with your family and comfort them while the process takes place. Sometimes the home visit vet gives a dose of sedative to your furry buddy before giving him the euthanasia drug. During the process, the vet will explain to the family what exactly he is doing. Sedatives are only used when the pet gets frightened otherwise, he avoids it.

When used in a large amount the sedative quickly makes the pet unconscious. In the final moment, they might defecate or urinate. You may also see them take the final breathe or twitch themselves. This can be the most painful moment of your life. But make yourself calm and help your family to pass through the painful process.

Next Steps

Be sure to check country, local, or state ordinances if you want to bury your pet at home. As an alternative, you can also consider a legal pet cemetery. The people at the legal office would come and pick up your dog from the vet’s office and cremate them at the burial site. It is up to you if you want to watch the painful scene or prefer to wait at the memorial house.

Putting your pet to rest can be the toughest task and is the final and last step of a decade of care. So, in the process, you should make sure he or she is treated with the best care and compassion in her final moments.

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