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Candidate Persona ideal for Organized Talent Acquisition

Author: Uday Patel
by Uday Patel
Posted: Apr 19, 2021
candidate persona

Candidate Persona

For every business activity there comes into action and organized approach. Likewise, you cannot plunge into acquisition without having a define plan and a candidate persona. The latter is a fictional character that closely resembles actual candidate that a staffing agency targets. This process is similar to chalking out a customer profile of buyer persona in digital marketing.

Talent acquisition is a complex activity and nothing less than an enlightened and structural approach will work. The core focusing is attracting the right people with spending as little time as possible and automation using software and computer is very much a part. The right fit in this case is very important and whence you create a matching profile it works wonders.

Professional Approach

In all aspect of staffing a professional approach is a must. This means right from expertise gained by professional interviewers, selectors and the rest of the team including the head up to the bottom line the process should be smooth and well defined. The search is holistic whence you are looking for talent and experience combined. The right fit should also be culturally adaptable to diverse environments.

Adaptable & Scalable

Both virtues are important if one has to flourish in a new environment a company that is a must to create a smooth seamless delivery mechanism leading to exponential results. In professional life an orthodox approach and cultural renunciation rarely work until unless the set up is influenced by followed ideology and a way of living. This is what a candidate persona will help detect and exclude those with parochial leanings for at higher echelons this never works. This is why those born and bred in a plural society in spite of same level of literacy as well as experience adapt better and are more responsive to emerging technologies or management paradigms.

Candidate Experience

Is your agency welcoming? if yes than that is not enough for few welcoming words are not enough for a hesitant candidate full of promise to feel at home. A more personalized approach works like t does in attracting and engaging buyer persona in digital marketing. People like to be referred by name instead of hey or hey Mister. A personalized greeting is like an instant Nirvana and a candidate begins to feel at home and opens up. This means he is open to all prospective offering that the agency may forward. Yes, this is not verbosity pressed into the write up, candidates are not commodity they are human and even a promising package may not be convincing.

A well-structured approach where the candidate persona has been well factored is a must to oblige partners with the right fit. Staffing is not matchmaking it is more than that and complex no prospective would like to fall in a sink. Hence a company profile should be well chalked out in advance.

Factoring Company Profile

Companies are entities, large ones, more complex and aspiring right like the prospective. Those at helm the CEO, Directors, team leaders have a dual task one is self-fulfillment and the other is fulfillment the coffers of the company with reputation intact. A company or partner profile professionally done is important for an agency just a name and turnover are not enough. A leading company may be the worst as far as employee experience and welfare is concerned.

Agency Profile

Being an intermediate a staffing associate should stand fortified in all aspects. Prospects will not come rolling in impressed by size and stature. They are humans confident, exuberant and enthusiastic about their future. But they will also be apprehensive before stepping in. Be ready with the content to be delivered live at the reception.

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Uday writes often on Indian wildlife especially about the tigers. He works as a naturalist and is fond of travel. Uday also provides search engine optimization service and website contents in English.

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