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Reasons Behind the Popularity of Korean Dramas

Author: Bhupati Barman
by Bhupati Barman
Posted: Apr 19, 2021

You might have noticed a sudden trend in Korean dramas and films. These Hallyu dramas have gained immense popularity in a very short period; people have gone crazy for these dramas, songs, and films. Korean dramas are fascinating, interesting, and appealing. People are addicted to these dramas because of the storyline and lot. Not only this, but the amazing cast members contributing their hard work could also be a reason for the boon of the k-dramas. Well, tracing back in history the Korean music gain popularity because of the most amazing song by PSY "Gangnam Style".

People all over the globe went gaga over this song, making tick-tock, reels and showing their love in every possible manner. It did not only attract the Korean audience but also people from various dialects grooved over the song by reading subtitles. The same applies to dramas. People from all over the globe with the help of subtitles understand this Korean drama efficiently. Now the main question arises, how did they gain this much fame in much less time? Well, let’s look into these reasons.

The Korean industry is at its peak right now, and the popularity of dramas and films is being viewed all across the globe. If you are in love with these Korean dramas, you might have the urge of having ramen or speak in different Korean words in your regular life or even having a crush on Korean celebrities. The symptoms can tell you that you have become an addict and you need a regular dosage of these dramas. Many people watch Korean dramas because of their clothes and mouthwatering food.

  • Korean dramas are very attractive and have a very aesthetic appeal. It shows you incredibly fascinating and mesmerizing scenes which are magical. Most of these dramas have lots of princess scenes, rich attires, etc. Watching Korean dramas can help you absorb lots of information about the Korean culture and even get to know about their language.

For example, if you are watching Korean dramas you will get to know that the shoes are removed outside the house as ethics. People get to know about a new culture, which develops their interest and promotes them to keep looking forward. Moreover, these dramas are G-rated, which means they’re clean as compare to American movies. Foul languages, violence, love scenes are very less making it suitable for all age types.

  • Korean dramas are cute and funny. There are various ‘Aww’ moments, but you definitely can’t ignore them. You would not find any other drama which would provide you with that level of cuteness along with a good storyline.

In K-Dramas, there are no love teams. Any show's lead star pairings are constantly changing. As a result, the Oppa and Noona that one wants to see in a show together can appear in one. What's interesting about this is that fans are often exposed to new types of chemistry

  • Many viewers in the Western world watch Korean dramas simply because they are different from what they are accustomed to seeing on television. It's not the same old stale, repetitive storylines we've seen season after season. In K-dramas, the storylines, styles of characters, and even the environments sound fresh and unfamiliar, making them more interesting.
  • For a huge fan of light romantic dramas and films then this could be the best option for you. Most of the dramas are set in a light romantic background keeping all the melodrama intact. It is a full pack of fantasy, science, romance, action, history, Royalties, etc. the theme of Korean dramas is family-friendly and can be viewed together. The cinematography and location of these dramas also leave a great influence on people. The use of new locations, beautiful places encourages them to watch more
  • The storyline of Korean dramas is predictable. You can easily predict what is going to happen next but the storyline and the characters just fascinate you to keep watching further. A basic storyline, where a rich man falls in love with a poor girl and then the story begins. You know everything that is going to happen next how they are going to reach out to their parents but you still keep on watching. Besides, the storyline is unique. In few dramas you get to see aliens, in the others you get to see superpowers immortal persons, etc. in one of the dramas, a man feeling love with a mermaid, could you imagine it?
  • The format of Korean dramas is also the reason for its popularity. In a single Korean drama, you will get almost 20 episodes, which are not lengthy. Generally, people lose interest because there are hundreds of episodes in a show which makes it tiring. Watching Korean dramas help you stay connected. You can invest a good level of emotions as these are very connecting and close to heart. The makers of the dramas help the audience feel what the character is feeling. For example, if there is a sad scene going on, you start crying because you can feel everything that the character is feeling. This generally does not happen in any other series including American.
  • Koreans have an image of being beauty-obsessed. And it's impossible to ignore these poreless, chiseled-to-perfection human beings. The viewing experience is enhanced by seeing two stunning actors sharing sweet moments and finally falls in love. Characters are Beautiful dresses; it feels as if they are just out of a magazine. The way men and women carry themselves cannot be ignored. You might have noticed that most of these characters have a walk-in closet filled with mesmerizing dresses, beautiful shoes, use variety of wallets, and lots more.

After this if you feel motivated to watch more Korean dramas, you might go for your Beautiful, Flower Boy Ramen Shop, My name is Kim Sam Soon or even Secret Garden. This was all about Korean dramas and their popularity. These dramas are just what you’re looking for, with the best plotline, caste, appeal, location, cinematography, music, etc.

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