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Skip The Clinic And Search For ‘Mobile Vets Around Me’ Instead

Author: Vets on Call
by Vets on Call
Posted: Apr 23, 2021
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Is your beloved pet displaying any signs of being unwell in the last couple of days? Are the alarm bells ringing? If so, you may wonder whether it is something they ate, if it’s a stomach ulcer or a new kind of flu.

In such a situation, most people will think to visit a vet clinic. However, this can be an incredibly stressful experience for pet owners and their pets. Instead, search online for 'mobile vets around me' in Google. After finding a suitable mobile vet service, simply book an appointment and have the vet come to your home instead!

Visiting a vet clinic can be a very stressful ordeal. On the day of the vet visit, one may be worried sick all morning since their beloved pet is unwell. As for the pet, they will be in extra discomfort by sensing the vibes of one's tense demeanour.

On top of this, many pet owners can struggle to get their pet into the car due to their pet becoming panicked, stressed out and anxious. On reaching the vet clinic, one will have to sit in the waiting room with their pet. It is likely that the waiting room will be filled with other pets such as cats, dogs and birds. All these are likely to be in a high state of tension, creating a stressful atmosphere.

If such situations are the cause of worry, there is another option - mobile vet services. Mobile vets offer treatment for pets in the comfort and peaceful environment of their own home. They offer the following benefits:

Less stress

Taking a pet to the vet clinic is fraught with stress for both the owner and their pet. The presence of other sick animals, the unfamiliar smells and the prospect of the car ride to and from the clinic all add to the stress of your pet.

Ultimate convenience

In case the pet owner has a busy schedule and finds it tough to take their pet to the vet clinic at appointed times, mobile vets offer the best solution for them. They can be booked online or through mobile apps to arrive at one's home at a mutually convenient time.

Individual attention

A home-appointment vet will provide undivided attention because they are not limited by their clinic’s schedule. The pet will get accustomed to the treatment by the vet in the familiar surroundings of their home. Also, the vet is able to view pets in their natural

environment and without being stressed. This helps the mobile vet to arrive at an accurate diagnosis of their patients.

Treating multiple pets

In case one has multiple pets, it is much easier to get them all treated during a single visit by a vet in their home. This is especially useful for routine check-ups, certification for travel and vaccinations.

Chronic illness and older pets

It is a fact of life that pets grow old quite sooner compared to their owner's lifespan. Older pets tend to find car rides to and from vet clinics highly stressful. Some of them may suffer from a chronic illness that cannot be cured but only managed.

There will also be a day when one has to bid goodbye to their beloved pet. In these situations, conducting euthanasia at home is not only comforting for the pet being surrounded by loved ones, but also the kindest option to ensure they aren’t suffering.

With these so many benefits, searching for mobile vets around me is the best option for both pets and their owners. Download a mobile vet service app today!

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Vets on Call is a unique, easy-to-use mobile app that delivers high-quality veterinary care right to your door. The app that brings your veterinarian to you. The quality of a clinic delivered in home, conveniently, transparently and stress free.

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