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Organizational Focus and Goals

Author: Nelly Cook
by Nelly Cook
Posted: Apr 24, 2021

I have assessed the organization of Walmart in order to help them strengthen their employee development. I was a consultant whose task was to analyze Walmart as an organization, its objectives, and where they should prioritize employee development. I adopted a methodology that involved review of literature on Walmart as an organization, and also articles on employee development. I discovered that employee development is one of the key factors to empower an organization to deliver its mandate. It involves an organization and employees joining efforts to upgrade their knowledge, skills, and abilities. It must correspond to the focus and objectives of the organization. This development makes a positive contribution towards meeting the goals of the company. Skilled employees are able to improve their work performance and deliver the desired results more efficiently than non-skilled workers (Regents of the University of Minnesota, 2008).

I have discovered that the current focus of Walmart is to operate different retail stores in various parts around the world at low prices every day. The organization focusses on helping people save money in order to be able to improve their living standards. It seeks to be a supplier of the community, implementing new systems and opening stores where they are to provide clients with the products they require at affordable prices (Walmart, 2010).

I understood that the organizations overarching goals are offering a wide diversity of all-purpose merchandise at affordable prices, corporate philanthropy, sustainability, and creation of employment opportunities. Walmarts organizational training needs include imparting their associates with marketing skills, customer relations, communication skills, problem solving, environmental responsibility, and career development (Walmart, 2010). The organizational training needs are close in relation to the overarching goals. As Walmart aims at achieving corporate philanthropy, sustainability, increased sales volumes, and employment creation, it is notable for its employees to be aware of these goals. Walmart will progress towards achieving increased sales and corporate philanthropy by training employees on marketing, communication, customer relations, and problem solving skills. Training on environmental responsibility will boost the realization of sustainability, and career development training will also enhance achievement of the goal of employment creation. I understand that organizational focus and goals have a direct impact on prioritizing the type and amount of training for the employees. It is paramount for them to have the expertise and skills proficiency to attain the objectives of the organization. Therefore, when prioritizing the type and amount of training for employees, one has to assess the goals the organization wants to achieve, the skills and competency needed to achieve those goals, and the gaps between current employee skills and the competence they require to realize the organizational goals. Depending on the organizations goals and market it operates, employees may need both soft skills and technology training. The crucial element about employee development is identifying the organizational goals and employee training needs that will allow the organization to become or remain competitive.

I will prioritize specific training needs based on the organizations needs and current focus through ranking the aspects of training in order of importance. I will also involve the employees in preparation of their development plans. I will harmonize the training needs systematically against the organizational goals, and then analyze what training will be ranked in the first order.

I consider it significant for one to consider the organizations overarching goals when prioritizing training. I find this necessary because organizational goals form the basis for decision making on employee training aspects. The main goals of the organization directly influence what skills employees will have to acquire first. To achieve the initial organizational goal, the skills required for attaining the goal will have to be ranked in the first order of the training priority. Therefore, it is essential to review the organizations goals before prioritizing training (Safety International, 2008).

In conclusion, I discovered that Walmart is one of the stores that offer a vast selection of goods at exceptionally competitive prices. Nevertheless, it is essential that they address deficiencies in their employees development. I recommend that Walmart should strengthen the improvement of their employees. They can then develop necessary skills to perform tasks that can lead to the organization achieving their focus and overarching goals. Controlling a successful organization comes with enormous pressure. Therefore, there is a need to ensure that employees development is strong and corresponds to the organizational goals and focus in order to deliver the desired results. The quality of the workers and their development through training and education are the attributes leading to the long-term success of an organization. However, it is difficult to achieve balance between organizational goals and employee development in terms of training needs and prioritization.

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