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Facts That You May Not Know About Freight in the USA

Author: Justinn Morales
by Justinn Morales
Posted: Apr 29, 2021

The USA waterway system comprises 145 ports. Each waterway system controls the sea traffic perfectly and manages more than 1 million metric ton per annum. The huge ports handle more than 900 MMT freight annually. The waterway system is critical to the USA's economy as it transported around $1.5 trillion worth of cargo via the U.S. Maritime Transportation system.

In addition to this, 45% of the country's GDP remains constituted by the coastal regions. Furthermore, the coastal areas provide more job opportunities to the country's three million people because of the massive port traffic and continuous business activities. When you want to ship your freight to or from California, then the California freight company is the best option for you.

Topmost Active Ports in the USA

  1. Port Everglades, Florida
  2. Port of Long Beach, Los Angeles
  3. Port of Tacoma, Washington
  4. Port of New York, New York
  5. Port of Charleston, South Carolina
  6. Port of Savannah, Georgia
  7. Port of Oakland, California
  8. Port of Seattle, Washington
  9. Port of Houston, Texas
  10. Port of Norfolk, Virginia

Imports and Exports by State

We are all aware that, the United States is the largest manufacturer and importer of machinery and aircraft products as per the data issued. To get the dependable fulfillment service, fulfillment services USA is the best choice. The highest imported products from the United States' seaports are Crude oil and petroleum fuel. Here are the top imported and exported products listed below:


The USA's top import products are crude oil, petroleum, cars, broadcasting equipment, computers, and vehicle parts that remain mostly imported from Japan, China, Mexico, Canada, and Germany.

In 2018, The USA was the world's largest importers of vehicle parts, cars, packaged medicament, computers, and broadcasting equipment.


The USA's top exports are planes, spacecraft, helicopters, cars, refined petroleum, integrated circuits that remain mainly exported to South Korea, Japan, Canada, China, and Mexico.

In 2018, the United States of America was the world's largest exporter of corn, gas turbines, helicopters, spacecraft, planes, medical instruments, and refined petroleum.

If you want your freight to be in safe and experienced hands, choosing the best order fulfillment companies will be the right choice.

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Author: Justinn Morales

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