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Rodents in Texas homes: Call a professional exterminator!

Author: Simon Hopes
by Simon Hopes
Posted: Apr 27, 2021
rodent infestation

Fall is a great time in Texas, and while people like to enjoy the drop in temperatures, this is also a common season for rodent infestation. During fall, as the nights are cooler, rodents try to find shelter in people’s homes. The three most common types of rodents found in Texas include house mice, roof rats, and Norway rats. You should be worried about the presence of rodents in your home, because these pests carry serious diseases and viruses, such as the hantavirus. Below are a few signs of rodent infestation, along with a guide on calling a professional pest control Schertz.

Do you have a rodent problem?

There are many signs of rodent infestation that are hard to ignore. You may find chew marks on food, cardboard, and dry walls. If there are rats, you will find a musky odor in the house, especially in kitchens. Pets often are the first to see the signs of rodents. Cats and dogs can start scratching on walls or acting erratically. There are also visible signs of rodent infestation, including rodent droppings, footprints, and holes. Sometimes, the presence of mice and rats will trigger pest allergies. You may find that kids and older seniors are suffering from more allergies than usual.

When to call an exterminator?

If you start seeing rats in plain sight, chances are high that the situation is way worse than you imagine. Don’t wait for things to get that bad. Instead, check for exterminators in your area. There are some amazing pest control companies in Schertz, many of which specialize in rodent infestation control. They will send in their experts for a home check, and based on the work involved, you will get an estimate. Pest control companies can capture rodents for safe release, and they will take the necessary steps to ensure that these pests don’t make their way back into your home. Their experts will guide you further on how to store and protect you food and water – the two key reasons why rodents infest homes.

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Finding the best pest control company

Make sure that you find a trusted and reliable exterminator for the job. All pest control companies must be licensed and should have insurance. If their workers end up causing damage to your property, you can be assured that insurance will cover up the losses. Check if the company has good reviews, and if needed, ask for references.

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