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4 Types of Art Galleries and How They Operate

Author: Linda Seers
by Linda Seers
Posted: May 01, 2021
art galleries

When you take a look at the art galleries, you will notice that there are many different types of them available for exploring. As a person who loves art, it is worthy to take a look at those different types of art galleries available out there. Then you know where you should be visiting in order to gain access to the best pieces of art that is available out there as well.

One of the most important things that you will need to keep in mind about art galleries is that there are four main types of art galleries available. While keeping that in mind, let’s quickly explore the four most prominent forms of art galleries that we will be able to see out there in the world as of now.

Commercial art galleries

ShaperoModern says commercial art galleries are managed by businesses. In fact, these art galleries are concerned about selling art with the objective of making profits. In other words, you will be able to discover a transactional model behind the commercial art galleries.

In a typical commercial art gallery, the collectors would approach and purchases pieces of artwork that is available for display. These art galleries are in touch of the artists as well. That’s how they are getting the pieces of artwork for selling. For every transaction, they are taking a cut of the profit. Based on this approach, the commercial art galleries are making money.

Some of the commercial art galleries available out there in the world are open to public. In other words, any person will be able to walk into such an art gallery and purchase artwork that is available. If you are visiting one of the commercial art galleries, you need to make sure that you have enough money with you, so that you can buy anything that catches your attention. However, some of the commercial art galleries are not available for public. They are only open for the members. In other words, only a specific group of people will be able to access such art galleries and purchase art that is available for them.

Art galleries managed by the artists

There are artists who manage art galleries on their own as well. In these art galleries, you will often be able to find the work of only those artists for display. When putting up this kind of an art gallery, the artists are responsible for bearing the costs as well as all the responsibilities. Some of the artists who are not in a position to do that on their own prefer to go ahead and partner with one or more artists to open an art gallery. Then it is possible for them to split the overall cost. By starting this kind of an art gallery, they will be able to represent all their work, or use the art gallery on a rotational basis. In other words, each artist would get the opportunity to showcase art in every few months.

The best thing about art galleries that are managed by artists is that they are in a position to provide them with more control. That’s because they will be able to control pricing, display, and distribution of art according to the preferences that they have. In other words, there aren’t any middlemen that they have to worry about. However, they will still have to bear the other commitments and responsibilities that come along with starting and managing a business.

Vanity galleries

The vanity galleries are charging an amount from the artists to help them with showcasing their work. Any artist who is looking for a convenient method to go ahead with showcasing work can think about taking a look at the vanity galleries that are available for them. On the other hand, we can also see how there are vanity galleries, which would generate a commission of the sales that the artists do when they are selling their artwork from the art gallery.

The rental amount of vanity art galleries are usually fixed for a specific duration of time. As an artist, you will be able to negotiate the cost and get into an agreement. This can be considered as an excellent opportunity available for the new artists out there to get their name displayed to the world. On the other hand, these galleries are functioning as commercial galleries as well.

Nonprofit art galleries

The fourth type of art gallery that you can find out there are the nonprofit art galleries. Even though we are living in a commercial world, we will still be able to find non-profit art galleries available out there. These art galleries are not interested in generating any profits at all. However, they will be receiving donations and grants, which help them to cover up all day to day expenses that they have to deal with. Likewise, we can also see how there are some nonprofit art galleries, which are relying on the commissions that they get from the artists. These commissions are way to less when compared to the commissions that we can find in the commercial world.

The nonprofit organizations will have to follow a specific procedure for accepting artists as well. For example, they will need to follow a sheer merit when getting artists to display their work. Hence, it can be quite challenging for an artist to get his work displayed in one of the nonprofit art galleries available out there.

Final words

Now you have a strong understanding about the four different types of art galleries available out there in the world. When you deep dive and take a look at these different types of art galleries¸ you will also notice that they are sharing some common things. For example, the structure and the way how they keep artwork is quite common.

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