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When Can I take Shower After My Hair Transplant?

Author: Avenues Cosmetic
by Avenues Cosmetic
Posted: May 03, 2021
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Hair loss is really a serious matter and you may suffer if you take it lightly. Genetic hair loss or male pattern baldness kills the hair follicles of the scalp but it does not affect the hairs growing in the back and sides.

A hair loss expert in Ahmedabad says that these hairs are baldness resistant. Therefore, hair loss experts use them to implant in the bald areas.

Since the hairs are baldness resistant, they grow in the new areas with full thickness and strength.

This procedure is called hair transplant surgery and it is highly effective for the treatment of male pattern baldness.

Results of this treatment are confirmed if you have found a capable, skilled, and qualified Hair Specialist in Ahmedabad Moreover, the success of the treatment also depends on proper aftercare.

After the surgery, your surgeon is going to provide some instructions about the recovery period.

These instructions are vital for the proper growth of the hair follicles.

After the surgery, washing the hair is an important matter and most patients are really curious to know more about this issue.

We have made this matter the main discussion topic of this blog.

However, showering after the hair transplant surgery is quite normal but it becomes quite different for a number of weeks.

You will not be able to wash your hair just after the hair loss treatment and you have to wait for approval of your doctor.

The period for the restriction may differ from person to person because the recovery rate for every patient is different.

The first wash after the hair transplant surgery:

Generally, you wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Sometimes, the shampoo is prescribed by the hair loss clinic as well.

Wet your hair with the help of water and apply shampoo gradually. Rinse properly and wash with the help of water.

You have to be gentle in all the steps of washing the hair and the same gentleness is needed when you dry your hair with a smooth, dry towel.

If you treat your hair follicles harshly, they will fall out or be damaged without showing any growth.

Washing the hair for the first ten days

This period is called most sensitive since hair follicles are trying to recover during this period. Therefore, applying water forcefully on newly transplanted hairs is enough to damage your hairs.

You may use a small cup of water to fill lukewarm water in it and apply water with a small force.

It is quite easy to understand that, scrubbing and scrubbing are not allowed after the hair transplant surgery.

Washing the hair after ten days:

During this period, it is safe to apply oil or serum to the hairs. Oil will help to remove scabs. Moreover, the oil will moisturize the scalp as well. Apply water with the use a small cup during this period as well and use the same shampoo.

Washing the hair after 15 days

During this period, you can use a shampoo of your choice to wash your hair. At this time, hair follicles are in the safe zone.

Finally, you can see that washing the hair is not troublesome after almost 15 days of the surgery.

After that, your Hair Clinic in Ahmedabad allows you to wash your hair as you like but harsh treatment is not allowed yet. You need to be gentle with your hair.

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